Monday, July 29, 2013

Murakami's Log #6: Attack on Wonder Festival

It's been a while, soooo, did everyone have a wallet crying session due to yesterday's Wonder Festival? XD I know I didn't, but of course, I've eyed out some major wants from the event but not that much so I'm pretty much relaxed and it's not that they'll all be open for PO soon. XD

Anyway, I'll just be talking mainly about Wonder Fest in this post and then some additional stuff. :) Time to start then!

As you all might have noticed, over the year's course, my collection shifted from scaled figures to articulated ones in general and, of course, the major line I'd be afraid of during these events would be the figma line by Max Factory. Miku is always in my book even though I've streamlined my scaled figures down to the ones I personally like so Racing Miku 2013 is my first one on the list (and she's opened for pre-orders already!)

Ghosts from past wonder fests would be a now materialized Isshiki Akane in her palette suit along with her Naked Rang and the recently announced resculpting of the long forgotten awaited Archer from Fate/Stay Night who is definitely marvelous in his resculpted mold!

One of the newly previewed ones are Eren Jaeger and Mikasa Ackerman who's from one of the more hyped series nowadays, which is Shingeki no Kyojin that's also one of the main highlights of the event as there have been a ton of new figures from that series.

Shingeki doesn't stop at that as there is also a previewed announcement of Levi; adding to that would be the final piece missing from the BRS Anime which would be Chariot. And that basically wraps my hit lists from the figma line.

One of my biggest surprises this time was that Tamashii Nations will be at Wonder Festival and that they're bringing forth their female line ups and to my real surprise, they actually previewed prototypes of SHFs Cure Melody and Cure Rhythm. Additionally from earlier news, revoltech of Metal Gear Rising's Raiden and Cupoche of Miki Sayak were also displayed during the event, adding to my articulated wants. 

Going to nendoroids, my hit list are all video game characters; first of which is a green plumber from a true classic and it's none other than Luigi! But you have got to wonder... WHERE IS MARIO!? O: Nintendo characters don't stop there as there will also be a Toon Link nendoroid, perfect for those who want Smash Brothers goodies. Last among my nendo hit list but certainly not the least, it's one of my all time faves from Touhou Project, the gap hag (as my dear gf describes), Yakumo Yukari!

Now moving on to scaled figures, I've pretty much toned down on scaled figures already but there are still some that I truly like enough to merit a must-get. For this wonder fest, I actually only have 1 must-get, which is the scaled version of Racing Miku 2013. XD It's posed the same from its official art but the face looks lovely enough for me.

Now for other prototypes, I like them but I'm not 100% sold at them yet, first up is the figuarts zero Charlotte Dunois though it's not really that big, Charlotte is Charlotte after all, so we'll see. Next up would be the Leafa figures from GSC's sub companies, they look promising but I'll wait for the colored images before deciding. XD Last of which is FREEing's take on Senbonzakura Miku, another one of those promising ones that caught my eye which I'm looking forward to see a colored one.

Now for some placeholder teasers, while there's the Yukata Sayaka again, I won't bother since that's from previous wonder fest still and there's no update yet. The only one I'm actually looking forward to right now is GSC's take on a scaled Mikasa Ackerman. 

That's about it for my Wonder Fest hitlist, got the pics btw from Figure/GK and MyFigureCollection. So anyway, more updating stuff, as you guys know, I just started some new series called "Make or Break", it won't be often and it would mostly be more on breaks rather than makes but do look forward to it. I'll be posting another one within the week and hopefully I can get replies on that one since I reaaaaaaally need help on that. 

As for reviews, I have some reviews prepared for the week, so do look forward to them! Hopefully, I can continue being active in the blog in the coming months, so, we'll see. XD 

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