Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Review: Sky Breaker -Silver-

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Dr. Wu
Figure Number: TP-08
Origin Series: Transformers Prime
Original Price: 14.90 USD


Sky Breaker or Skybreaker is packed in a black envelope-type container with the accessory's name as the label, while the background color of the label "SKY BREAKER" determines the color of sword it contains, which is silver in my case. Not much going on and the package doesn't seem sturdy enough to withstand any unfortunate accidents during shipment (and I do hope nothing like that happens to others); the package also has Dr Wu's logo and the code DW-TP08 probably meaning it's Dr Wu's 8th release for upgrades/accessories related to TF Prime.


Sky Breaker is modeled after Transformers Prime's Star Saber and as for me, I got the Silver version which is the unused state of Star Saber since it looks a lot more solid compared to the Blue version. The Sky Breaker is quite long which is nice for accuracy and just fit to be wielded by Voyager Primes. The paint work on this 3rd party sword is amazing and very spot on, even to the golden trims it has near the hilt as seen in the series. Detail-wise, it doesn't fall behind and the linings are magnificent. 

One gripe I have about getting the silver version is that it doesn't come with a clip to hold the sword like in other variants, I believe it was because the clip might chip off the paint on the silver version since it's really just solid purple plastic painted silver.


Using the Sky Breaker on your TFs is very easy, you simply need to pop out the tip of the hilt, and then slide the 5mm pole to any 5mm ported hands.

Since this is Prime's Star Saber, of course, its "main" purpose is to be used by an Optimus Prime figure from the TF Prime toylines, although there is one big error by Dr. Wu (or the saber design if you might think), most (if not all) Optimus Primes figures based on his TF Prime look have open hands, which conflicts with the hilt's design so technically most Prime Primes cannot wield it properly and will only be able to wield it by having the sword a bit tilted sideways. 

Nonetheless, it still works pretty well with Prime and it doesn't look awkward, it really does give Prime a more "powerful" look when he wields the Sky Breaker and I personally prefer having my First Edition Voyager Prime wield this instead of his arm blade.

I think the Star Saber will work best with Beast Hunter/Go! Voyager Prime (which I currently don't have but plan on getting) if you are after the continuity of things but of course, you shouldn't limit this to just Prime Prime, it works just fine with other figures as well. (Like Final Battle Megatron or Black Optimus Prime)

Final Thoughts:

Again, it works well with Prime but not 100% good unless you're using it on Hunter Prime but really, I don't think it's a bad purchase and you do have a variety of color choices for it if you just want the sword for some other bot. One thing to note though is that even though it's longer than Dr Wu's previously released Prime Sword, it just doesn't quite justify the price since Prime Sword was a full die cast AND cheaper but this is just full plastic AND more expensive but again, the choice is yours. Even though I find it a bit so so for the asking price, I still think it's a better accessory for any of the Prime Primes, so I still recommend picking it up especially if you have First Ed Voyager Prime (pick silver or blue lol). 

Anyway, I also got this 3rd party weaponry with the help of omniclone!

I give the "Star Saber" a sky breaking score of 3 out of 5.

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