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Review: S.H.Figuarts Kibaranger

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Bandai
Origin Series: Gosei Sentai Dairanger
Scale: Non-scale
Height: Approximately 15cm tall
Original Price: 3,675 Yen


Easily known as the White Ranger in the very first U.S. Adaptation of the Super Sentai series, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, my piece is that of the japan release which is of the original Kibaranger, the 6th member of the Gosei Sentai Dairanger; being a tamashii web exclusive, his box follows the new style where they actually leave out making space for windows to be in front, making it have a more premium feel (but at the same time a bummer for those who wants to take quick inspections of the time). Like most japan made articulated figures, the sides of the box have the character's figure in different poses while the back lists down the features through the use of more product shots. 


Primarily, I only get Sentai Reds except for Akibarangers (because I love those unofficial nerds) but Kibaranger is big exception since I am, first and foremost, a power ranger kid in the days and Tommy is my favorite in the franchise with the White Ranger being my favorite ranger form of Tommy. Anyway, back to Kibaranger haha, the SHF mold completely captures the glory of the suit having the motif of a white tiger; the paint finish on Kibaranger is above exceptional with the gold having a very eye pleasing finish while blending along with his pearl white suit and a neat matte black to finish the job; for one minor nitpick, there's awkward circle seamline in his butt. 

Additionally, one of the best features is that Kibaranger/White Ranger has the hilt for Byakkoshinken/Saba which is pretty neat and pretty much completes the deal of the suit.


The accessory department is where Kibaranger would bring a frown to people's faces, for a count, you already know he came with Byakkoshinken; additionally for it, you can switch between a longer/shorter blade. As for the hands, he only comes with a pair of fists, a right gripping hand and a left open hand and that's it... It's so disappointing really, I mean, sure Byakkoshinken is pretty much a given but the hands department is definitely lacking, I wish they could've at least included a pair of hands that will allow you to recreate Kibaranger's introductory pose but unfortunately, none so it's such a bummer.

Since my piece is the Kibaranger release, I get a small extra as well that wasn't included in the Power Rangers-packaged U.S. release; Kibaranger appeared in Hikkonin Sentai Akibaranger Season 2 during the Dairanger arc and was introduced as an Evil ranger because as a result of the alteration of Dairangers, Kibaranger was introduced as supposedly the 4th member of A"Kibaranger" but was "scratched" from the plans, thus, harboring a hate for the Akibarangers for his fate; and with that short background, the "4th member" of the Akibarangers features a Kibaranger with the Akibaranger emblem on his chest; a neat little addition but a total headache to switch out and also still not enough to satisfy for the accessory count. 

Articulation Points:

Kibaranger's articulation features a very free frame with only minor limitations; so, to start with it, the head moves really well and easy allowing Kibaranger to have a very versatile and satisfying range of movement in the neck.

Going to the torso, the range is pretty much the same as most figuarts where the bending doesn't realy give you a decent range and tilting it sideways just gives it a good enough realistic range.

Kibaranger's shoulders are using the ball + hinge joint type but there's an extra padding inside those shoulder pads which makes it very tricky to actually move his arms via his shoulders; it's good that the shoulder pads can raise if you need to full utilize an upwards raise. The arms can also swivel via the shoulder joint and lastly, the elbow joints can also do a realistic bend like most figuarts though as a ranger, he doesn't have elbow pads so it looks off when you fully bend it to its extent.

His hips are ball jointed and like most of the newer figuarts hips engineering, you can pull the legs down to allow Kibaranger a higher kick; the hip joints can split the legs sideways and raise it forward to a decent degree but backwards, like most SHFs, feels very stiff and almost non existent. The knees gives as realistic bend as the elbows but also like the said joints, it's even more awkward to see it bare without any knee pads of sorts, and I feel they could do something about it.


Kibaranger/White Ranger in posing action is a very satisfying ride; you can certainly pose him in all the jumping glory that's pretty much his signature when he battles. One thing that you must get used to is how to properly fiddle with the extra inner shoulder pads but once you get used to it, Kibaranger is more than good to go.

Kibaranger can certainly do very good action poses with his sword and supposedly, I would be featuring some Kibaranger traits as well but decided not to (since Kibaranger is a perverted kid lol and the open hand is just asking for it).

And to completely seal the deal with the heroic ranger, here's a little bonus fighting a villain from one the sentai series (albeit unofficial).

Had Kibaranger really had more hands, he would've been even more satisfying but well, whatever goes Bandai.

While being a good figure for a heroic ranger, we now go a more darker side with the evil Kibaranger beating up Akiba Red while still being such a boss.

And of course, last but not least, we go on a little finisher for Akiba Red haha! (featuring figma Rin)

Final Thoughts:

Kibaranger or the White Ranger is definitely a good release though with some drawbacks, the S.H.Figuarts is a very good representation of one of my all time favorite ranger suits. His articulation is definitely superb and isn't lacking in the said department by any means, though the pricepoint in definitely one to question as living in the Philippines definitely gives a toll on this SHF release, be it the Tamashii web exclusive Kibaranger or the Bluefin White Ranger, the price point in here is the same so I think Kibaranger's a better choice for the extra accessory unless you want the Power Rangers themed box. 

Definitely if you love Dairanger or MMPR, especially if you're a Kou or Tommy fan and got the cash to spare, the figure's probably the best poseable rendition you would get as of this writing, so I highly recommend it. Additionally, I pre-ordered Kibaranger last year from my good friends at Onegai Onii-chan so do check them out!

I give the Howling New Star a rocking 4 out of 5.

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