Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Review: Revoltech Takeya ZET

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Kaiyodo
Figure Number: 11
Origin Series: Zetman
Scale: Non-scale
Height: Approximately 17cm tall
Original Price: 3,800 Yen


ZET is actually my first pry into Revoltech's Takeya subline, which is a line spearheaded by Takeya Takayuki who worked on a number of the S.I.C. releases when I was still collecting them. Though mostly sculpted by the man himself, ZET is one of those pieces that have been sculpted by a different person, though overseeing the modelling is still Takeya. 

Anyway, enough of the line background, one thing I actually find annoying about Revoltech Takeya boxes (I have 2 as of this writing) is that the boxes feel cheap and easy to damage. I appreciate the "antique" feel of it but seriously, this has got to be one of the weakest-feeling boxes since for my 6 years of collecting, haha. The sides of the box has nothing special, just your typical Revoltech engineering explanation on one side and the name plate at the other.

During its release, the back of the box just wows you as aside from showing the highlights of the figure, it also served as an early teaser for an upcoming Revoltech Alphas, the other main "Hero" of the series.


Overall sculpting on ZET is spot on as his silhouette is captured very well in this release and the face looks great actually though the eyes are somewhat hard to inspect and my piece looks like his eyes are crossed/crooked in a way though I can't say for sure since the eye detail isn't clearly visible. While the overall mold is something quite fascinating, the paint job on him is something that leaves it quite less desirable, on my own view,  the shades look messy in many parts and instead of giving it good highlights, it just looks like rough paint apps in general, so, they don't quite achieve that goal in my book. The ring on his left hand (forgot what it's called) is also too bright IMO but that's more of a nitpick when compared to how the shades were done.

Takeya ZET, in height, is one tall figure that he even surpasses the size of the SHM Alien Warrior by a bit.


Accessory wise, you get 2 pairs handsets in the form of a fist and open hands. The biggest win part of the pack is that they included the Complete ZET parts including the visored head, the tail and the grand wings (done in very delicious detailing). Aside from that, you also get the standard Revoltech Stand that comes with an extender and the accessories box which can store the head and hands.

Articulation Points:

Like most articulated figures, ZET's got a joints on each end of the neck, so combining the two does give him a very neat range of looking upwards or downwards.

Due to the sculpting, sideways movement cannot rotate freely but does extend to a decent range.

Body wise, one's at the ab section and one's at the waist; sideways movement are definitelty good. Bending outwards does have a neat range when using both points and pushing the joints to its limits but it does ruin the sculpting as cuts are clearly visible when you do so; forward bending is slightly limited on the other hand.

ZET's arms can fully rotate on the shoulders and raise sideways to a decent 90, though you have to fiddle with the sculpting as there's a soft plastic in there that allows you to jam the shoulder mold inside. Bicep swivel isn't really there but you do get to rotate the forearms via the elbow revolver joints which can also bend the arms to somewhere a little bit more than 90 degrees.

Going to the hips, ZET does have it pretty limited here thanks to the clicky nature of the revolver joints, raising it for a kick can barely reach 90, though it is quite notable that he can stand with his legs almost together, which is a rare sight for revoltechs IMO since they usually can only stand in splits. To split sideways, you'll have to manually adjust the revolver joints but sideways movement only has so little as well.

The knees are double jointed so it allows a great range for bending though not a complete bend since the upper part of the double joint restricts it. The ankles also use revolver joints though sideways movement can't really fully rotate due to the joint having a conflict with the tip of the leg's mold. ZET also have toe hinges which is nice.


Fiddling with ZET actually reminded me why I don't have much love on the Revoltech line (though I get some because only they have the characters); while he is very capable of doing action poses, the clicking factor just prevents you from doing what you really want at certain poses.

It also actually takes quite a while to get used to playing with revolver joints as they are really tricky and at times very limited at what they can do. Regardless, ZET is a pretty cool figure and he isn't really one that does extreme poses so just some kicks and punches does the trick for the character.

Putting on Complete ZET just takes a few removing and attaching on ZET and you have a damn sweet display piece.

While the tail and parts of the wings are articulated in their own right, I find it hard to pose ZET in his complete form due to the wings being ridiculously heavy and the revoltech stand included certainly can't keep up (and I really hope they change the stupid V shaped base since it's not enough to hold heavy revoltechs like Complete ZET), so there's little pics here of his complete form.

A little bonus for shots, here's ZET fighting Alien Warrior who I used in place of a Player hahahaha.

Final Thoughts:

Despite having a lot of complaints from me, ZET isn't a bad figure at all, in fact, of the two articulated ZET at this time (the other being Play Arts Kai), Revoltech definitely wins it especially since Revo had the complete form wings; I just really think he could've been a little better. Would I recommend it? Yes, if you love the series then definitely, the Revoltech Takeya ZET is the better choice (also currently the best) and he does also have Alphas to accompany him in this line, surely he does stand way too tall but really, ZET's a big lanky guy in general so, yeah. He's pretty much one of the most notable revoltech releases from the recent years. And before I end, once again, ZET was one of my pre-orders before from CWToys. 

I give ZET a good 3.5 out of 5.

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