Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Review: Dragon Nest Sorceress

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Good Smile Company
Origin Series: Dragon Nest
Scale: 1/8
Height: Approximately 20cm tall
Original Price: 8,381 Yen


This time around, I'll be taking a break from the articulated reviews and go to scaled for some breather and today's review is from my current favorite MMORPG, Dragon Nest! (And also the very reason why reviews were very rare in the previous years LOL!) I was actually surprised when they first showcased this scaled Sorceress figure from the game and thankfully, Good Smile Company found a way to actually make it available for the international market but anyway, enough of the long talk, let's get to the box!

The packaging itself is pretty plain but it feels like the design was actually taken from somewhere in the game but I can't tell for sure, but it does have the feel of the game for one. The overall box design is pretty plain and there really isn't anything that would wow you or make you frown; I'm just glad it didn't suck. 

The back of the box does give a clearer view of the emblem that's used on the general box design but I still can't pick up from there, so if you happen to remember it better than me, do tell in the comments later on!


Before I start discussing any points in the detail, know that this certain figure was based from an official artwork for the game which features the a Sorceress wearing one of the costumes available in-game which is dubbed "Passion's Disordi" costume set in the version I play, which is Dragon Nest SEA. And to give a reference for the review, I'll provide the official below~ (which I got from google btw)

Additionally, to give additional reference, here's the rather ugly in-game rendition of the costume which can be previewed in the game's cash shop.

The figure stays mostly true to its origins as every detail of the costume has been well translated into the figure form; the hood, the mufflers, the tights and the lower half of the heels are finished nicely in a rather glossy black paint accompanied by the spiky vibrant red details all over the costume. Her robe is finished in a decent shade of brown accompanied by cream which actually compliments the shade of brown instead of sticking to the clean white as seen in the official art and the in-game model.

Looking at it on a big picture certainly gives the figure a clean finish but if you actually look at it closely, you'll see a number of slightly messed up paint finishes all over the figure but it's pretty minor as people probably won't notice it from a general point of view. I couldn't provide the shots since my camera can't crisply capture them but really, a minor nitpick from yours truly. XD

Before I actually received the figure, I kept seeing comments from people I know saying that her hair looked like that of a Prize figure; surely, the hair does look plain, but if you trace it back to the original art, it's as plain and by all means, the hair quality looks far from prize figure hair quality so rest assured, maybe it's the color but to me, it's just fine.

One thing that's clearly noticeable in the translation from art to figure is that the Sorceress' physical "assets" have been given a little boost especially for her bust, but I am pretty glad that with the "upgrade", they also included some visual creases on her robe (to emphasize the tightness of it lol) that wasn't very visible on the art.

For a final complaint on the figure, the Tiara and her choker bears clear plastic details and they actually look great as you can see below:

However, for some  weird reason, the other jewels that can be found on her mufflers and other parts of the costume arejust opaque plastic that's finished in a rather dull light blue shade. While I don't have any problem with opaque plastic, I really wish that the color could've been more livelier to produce a more realistic jewel effect on it.

After all, if you see those blue jewels in game, they actually glow; and for another round of reference, check it out below!

A neat detail that they captured pretty nicely from the art is that the right hand of the Sorceress has rings on her thumb and pointing finger.

The bat voodoo doll is also capture and sculpted perfectly and it really looks cute, haha! And for those curious (and maybe worried) on how the doll attaches to the Sorceress' muffler, it's actually connected via a metal peg, so rest assured that it won't snap that easily.

Lastly, her staff is equally finished in the same quality as her costume as it also shares some highlights but also possess some minor mess on the paint details.


The base is probably the biggest bummer of the entire figure. Aside from just being a bland round and clear pink base, if you actually have seen or owned GSC's original 1/8 Kaname Madoka, you'd definitely think that they got totally lazy and retooled the base's pegs as they look exactly the same.

Pose and Appeal:

The Dragon Nest Sorceress takes the exact same pose as the artwork it was based from. I'd call it plain and cute as yes, it isn't anything dynamic but it also isn't a pose that is awkward to look at. The way she's posed looks like she's actually ready for some picture time, which is also a gesture in the game but of course, the pose here is completely different.

One of the best features of this Sorceress figure is actually her wonderful face that's accompanied by that somewhat cold yet pleasant smile which is pretty perfect for the Sorceress' character (you'll know if you play it). It really gives a good presence on her pose and it really comes out as one lovely spell caster to gaze upon.

While I like her the combination of her pose and face, her good angles are pretty limited for photo shoot sessions that I do for these reviews but nonetheless, I think I've at least captured some (if not all) of her strongest perspectives, so please enjoy the rest of the images below~

Final Thoughts:

While I have some minor complaints, in a general opinion, GSC's DN Sorceress looks great and I definitely love how she turned out and I really am wishing that they'd release some more in the future even if that's pretty much asking for too much. Additionally, her price point isn't that bad compared to the other figures that were released this year, so if you're a big fan of the game, this figure definitely is a good way to have a quality merchandise from the great MMO!

I got my GSC Sorceress from the ever trusty services of CWToys! 

I give the Dragon Nest Sorceress a magical 4 out of 5.

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