Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Review: Beelzebub

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Amakuni
Origin Series: Seven Deadly Sins
Scale: 1/8
Height: Approximately 21cm tall
Original Price: 12,800 Yen


Beelzebub is my first scaled figure from the 7DS series of figures and quite frankly, I know she's in the form of a little girl but boy, was I surprised when I picked this up last Saturday, the box shockingly huge for her but I guess this is a standard on the 7DS figures; adding to that, the box is ridiculously big enough to surpass the height of my shooting area lol.

The sides of the box are completely identical featuring a pentagram with the series title, her name, the sin she represents which is "GLUTTONY" as well as the manufacturer logo at the bottom. Your back design retains the usual product shots and since the 7DS is targeted towards more mature audiences, you get a butt shot and a kinky cast off tease as some of the "features" of the figure. 

Size dislike aside, I love the box color and style and hey, the pentagram kinda creeps me out in a good way. 


As well go to the details, I'll go over it from head to toe and then to the other notable stuff on her. So first up, starting with the head and more particularly to her hair, it's finished in a semi-clear plastic that makes her hair pop out like candy (perfect for a Glutton lol) though if I am to base to it from the original art, I think the hair color on the figure is a bit too dark. The layers on her hair are pretty neat and when combined with the plastic type, they really produce a wonderful sight to behold.  

I believe all he 7DS characters have horns and Beelzebub has it like a unicorn, and instead of just one pointy piece of horn, Beelzebub's horn looks like a drill and the paint finish on it does work very well as it gives it a very bone-like appearance although I myself am not a fan of how the "wrinkles" are done as they look cheap when viewed up close. 

Her face is wonderful, I love how it gives the perfect look of a loli but then you know she's not your typical cheerful and energetic loli as her expression is pretty serious for someone's who a Glutton. 

The unique thing on Beelzebub's design is that despite having that maid-ish appearance, the chest area of her outfit looks like they're made of tight belts but in the figure, it actually looks like an armor since the gaps are supposed to be translucent but it's downright solid for the figure's finish. While it's not "accurate" in a sense, I actually love how it looked like and armor haha. Now while the front of the "plate" looks plain, the back side of it has a good amount of detail as well as a neatly sculpted skull that looks like a buckle. 

Beelzebub also has a pair of bat wings and as for the finish, I guess it's just okay, as it's not that heavily detailed but it's also not lacking in it. (Pardon the shots since it was hard to get a shot of the other side T_T)

My one true gripe about Beelzebub's finish is that the back of her outfit, there's just a noticeable paint mess there, I think that's supposed to be patterned like Xs but it's barely visible and just looks like a big mess. 

Now going to my favorite part of her detail, the skirt! Amakuni have truly upped their game with this; aside from going all out clear plastic (which looks gorgeous btw), they went through all the trouble of putting details on each wing that's attached to her skirt. (and plump loli butt on the back lol)

What I love about the wings is that they were made to be identified as fly wings. As you know (or not), Beelzebub is a name often used for a demon that is known as the lord of flies and this amount of detail makes perfect sense for that. 

Why I am making such a big fuss over simple fly wing details is the fact that on the original art, it was never shown to be fly wings as they look like plain skirt extensions on the original. 

A little awareness note though is that I've read of some people having gotten their Beelzebub with a broken fly wing, so, do be careful on handling those wings. :D

The lower half are your plain white stockings and boots which look okay at best and the paint job ain't bad either. 

For the extra mentions, I like how the pumpkin is sculpted for the one biting the chains near her hair.

Lastly, I've of rusting problems for the chains of some of the previously released 7DS figures and for Beelzebub's release, they resorted to using sculpted plastic for her chains instead of real chains, so rusting won't be a problem. The chains are covered in chromed silver which means they are finger print magnets and I really wish they just resorted to a plain silver which would also look better overall but this is just nitpicking on my part. 


The Deadly Sins have common grounds when it comes to the base as they all receive this pedestal as their base and on one side, features the name of the character (Beelzebub in this case), while the other features the sin that the character represents. The pedestal only changes in the labels and in the color, which is orange in this case, probably to blend with the pumpkins. 

Now, the biggest flaw of the release is with the base, mainly because several months before Beelzebub was released, they already previewed the base on some events and with the previewed base comes a spelling so great that it's over 9000; instead of engraving "Gluttony", they decided to cut it to "Glut" probably due to space problems for the word BUT they still made a mistake and spelled this as "GULT" instead of "GLUT", we were actually hoping that they correct this on the final release but NOPE, they didn't. I mean, come on, what kind of word is Gult, is it even a word? I'd be happier if the word "Guilt" was in there instead of the ridiculous "Gult". 

The overall details of the base is pretty neat and there's a big amount of "Horn" details running over it. Additionally, I really creeped out by the fact that there's a demon's face on the side of the "GULT".

The best part about the base is that you can pull up the main lid and rotate it so you can use the "Beelzebub" portion as the front or even have her rotate to your liking but it won't lock to the base that way.

Additionally, you'll have to setup two additional pumpkins to her base for a bit of additional "design" but hey, I like the meat chomping the chain since it looks funny. 

Pose and Appeal:

I find Beelzebub to have a very lovely face and it does support some neat angles so rotating the base lid truly is a good option for those who like a certain orientation for this glutton loli. 

Now for the pose, I can't actually feel the wow factor on it but it does feel "seriously cute" and I'm actually glad that they at least gave her some other pose instead of completely basing it on the standing-only key visual of the character. It's still plain, yes, the pose does kind of work for lolis IMO. Overall, she looks really cute despite having a serious expression, a good shift from typical cute and bubbly loli figures.  

And with that said, I've kinda become rusty with taking photos of scaled figures due to the number of articulateds that I own so, the photos below are mostly just tilt variants on my favorite sides of the figure but I hope you guys do enjoy the shots. :D

And here are some more using my favorite style of lighting figures. 

Final Thoughts:

As one of the first 2 scaled figures that I got this new year, I seriously love the figure as Beelzebub's really gorgeous especially once you see her up close. While there are some flaws, they are pretty minor as opposed to the whole package you're getting. If you are interested in getting a 7DS figure, then Beelzebub is a good pick and for the ridiculous prices of scaled figures these days, I'd say she's pretty worth her pricepoint and hey, you can slam that pedestal into people you don't like, it's heavy and hard lol! Anyway, before I conclude the review, I got this pretty loli from the great guys at Onegai Onii-chan, so check out them out! 

I give this gluttonous little girl a 4 out of 5.

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