Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Review: Tamashii Effect Explosion

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Bandai
Scale: Non-scale
Height: Approximately 10cm tall(per explosion piece)
Original Price: 2,700 Yen per set


If you've been reading through my reviews since forever, you'll probably be surprised by the picture above this lump of text features two different versions of the Tamashii Effect Explosion. It's because I don't see a need for making the reviews separate since I'm practically reviewing effect parts that are exactly identical down to the build quality with the exception of the color (even the manufacturer's the same unlike my Has vs Tak transformers review before).

I actually have the impact and flame effects as you've seen in my other reviews but this will be my first review from the Tamashii Effect line. First thing's first, the Tamashii Effect line has always been this white box with window the label of which effect it is along with it's color in the front of the packaging. Not much goes on with the sides as it only also states the name of the effect and color as well as a minimized shot of what you already saw at the front. The back still features promotional shots which features a blank figuarts body on various poses as well as a small window to view piece #1 which is unique for having a peg hole at the back, do check this as this piece is important! Lastly, the top of the box usually features a differently colored line where the labels are placed.

Details - Red version:

Starting off with the Explosion "red" version (which is more appropriate if they called it Orange version IMO). As you can see above, each color set of the tamashii effect explosion comes in 3 different explosion "puffs" or pieces. What makes the red version nice is that aside from clearly displaying it's a newly generated explosion, all 3 pieces are actually molded from clear plastic with the exception of the the back as there's a solid mold of yellow that's like a shell for these explosion puffs. The yellow plastic also gives the effect of the lighter explosion hues inside which really looks amazing from any point of view! 

Now if you actually zoom in the first picture above you can actually see that each explosion piece is marked with a number. And it is important to note that piece "1" has a special molded in peg hole at the back.

The peg hole is pretty much compatible with tamashii stages and for a bonus, it also works with Max Factory's di:stage/figma stands.

Each explosion piece is uniquely sculpted with it's own fiery smoke and blasts and features different styles of our favorite tokusatsu explosions. I won't describe em much as it is pretty hard to describe explosions since I'm no explosion expert. But yeah, the shots below are how each explosion piece look in different angles.

Explosion "1"

Explosion "2"

Explosion "3"

The neatest part of the set is that if you have any stage to support explosion "1", you can actually arrange them to form a bigger and grander explosion which is a totally awesome feature. You can actually get them to form a big explosion without a stand but it will need some tinkering and the fact that it won't look as good also comes into play.

Now because the "red" version uses clear plastic, there is one more feature that I didn't show since shooting the red version parts made the feature less visible in the pictures so I'll show that off in the gray version details which comes after this.

Details - Gray version:

Going to the gray version, this represents the post explosion smokes or explosions on the mountain area that we usually see in Kamen Rider and Super Sentai; while the mold is the exact same one as the red version, the gray version makes itself unique as you can appreciate the molded details much better in this version and you'll see just how much detail was put in each explosion piece. Additionally, there's something amazing about the paint finish on the gray version such that it clearly doesn't look dull and that there are some nice mixtures of colors thrown into those molds as they are clearly not just in different shades of the said color.

For the feature that I didn't discuss in the red version, it's that each of these explosion pieces has peg holes found in the bottom of the mold; each piece comes with a central big peg hole and two smaller peg holes at the sides.

The central hole is compatible with the bigger peg of tamashii stands that you normally use to attach to tamashii stage bases. The smaller holes are pretty much identical to piece 1's back hole meaning it's compatible with your standard tamashii stage pegs and figma stands. 

Explosion "1"

Explosion "2"

Explosion "3"


Definitely, the use of these effects are as their name says... explosions! There's quite a number of ways you can utilize the explosions and depending on the color, they apply to different scenes, they could be for post-attack explosions like your normal toku show or an effect of the attack itself like the Dayo Kick above or the Heat End effect for RD God Gundam for the red version. Of couse, using these would be up to your imagination as explosions can pretty much apply to a lot of cases. 

What's nice is that even though these parts are more intended for the SHF scale, it does extend to other scales as well since they really do a fine work. As opposed to the red version, the gray version, when used as a stand alone, feels like they're best used for smoke scenery like coming out of an area that just had explosions  rather than explosions itself.

Finally, mixing both colors makes the effects more worth the buck if you got both, they really do work well for more dynamic scenes and does actually support each other very very well.

Mixing these effect explosions with the effect flame also works wonders and if you have dioramas, these might come in handy for more action packed scenes.

Final Thoughts:

Much like the effect Impact, I really think the play value of the Effect Explosions are high for hero colletors like me, there's just a good amount of useability for it. So for those who doesn't like editing and putting effects on their shots like me, these Tamashii Effect releases are totally neat and they don't really cost that much. I know these tamashii effect releases are being bootlegged one by one but seriously, no matter how cheap they are, please support the original ones since if we don't, then how can the line possibly continue right? Anyway, personal opinions aside, these effects are really worth the buck. And before I end the review, once again, I got these explosion effects from Onegai Onii-chan, so, check 'em out for your jfigure needs!

I give each effect color an explosive 5 out of 5.

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