Friday, May 22, 2015

Review: Akumajou Dracula Prize Collection Dramatic Figure Vol. 1 - Maria Renard

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Konami
Origin Series: Akumajou Dracula Judgment
Scale: Non-scale
Height: Approximately 16.5cm tall


I'll make this section very short since the only that's really different in Maria's case is the clamshell; everything else on the box design is the exact same one that Simon had so yeah, you can read up my box comments there and just enjoy the rest of what Maria has to offer!


One thing that I truly liked on Maria's figure is that the face is captured quite well and that maybe because of the fact that in the artworks, Maria does look a bit more anime-ish than realistic compared to the others and that certainly works for her figure.

While her hair retains the obvious layer molds, it does look a little off than compared with her wavemate as some parts really look awkward but that's probably because of the hairstyle as well though it's good that they still applied varying shades of yellow on her hair.

Going to her outfit, I'd say the first thing I noticed is that while the important details are really kept intact, Maria's details are evidently way less sharper when compared to how the finish was on Simon. Some parts really feel incomplete like the belts on her stomach, they are in full pink instead of actually bearing silver buckles so that does actually make a big loss for her; I'm not saying that her details are bad, but Maria just makes it more evident that they are indeed only prize figures and that you cannot for much with them. The details on her footwear does look great though as they even inserted some folds on her socks.

Much like Simon, Maria also has that one very noticeable detail on her back which is a big owl emblem; much like her general detailing, this does, once again, pale in comparison with the Cross detail on Simon's back because it simply looks too plain and the detailing + paint combination simply doesn't make such a neat detail stand out.

Maria's clothes does have a lot of frilly bits in it but the final outcome is just pretty much okay, they look bland at times but hey at least they actually tried putting in the frills though it really could've been executed a little better.

Maria's weapon is a weird looking staff/owl cage stand and as it is drawn, I guess the full black paint does work better in her case.

Practically the strongest detail of the figure isn't on Maria herself but with the Owl on the tip of her weapon; sure the eyes look derpy but hey owls do that; move past the derpy eyes and you definitely get a GORGEOUS looking white owl.

It actually feels like all the budget went here as the owl's wings are carefully molded to exhibit such majesty.


As you've seen in Simon's review, Maria does bear the same cheap looking base so yeah, nothing much to say here since I've already discussed this before. Connecting the bases actually help improve the overall look but if you look at them closely, there's really nothing that can save those bases production wise.

Pose and Appeal:

Maria is pretty much still a brat by Judgment's time and it is certainly quite understandable that her pose is actually more relaxed as if she's just about to cast something or if the owl's actually driving her forward. Though as simple as it looks, I'm glad there's nothing painful-looking on her body so yeah, kudos to Konami for not making that fatal mistake.

Maria does also support quite a number of angles where she will look good but due to the length of her weapon, it does actually feel like something's missing when you cut off the owl from the frame.

Maria and her owl familiar are definitely to be counted a single package because one without the other really does make it feel incomplete and that Maria's photogenic aura is actually brought out better when the owl is there with her and they certainly do look great on certain angles!

Of course, being a fighting game and all and now that I've actually reviewed both of the Vol. 1 figures, here's a little fight shot featuring the Vol. 1 figures and their poses certainly work and do compliment the shot very well.

Final Thoughts:

I must say that while Maria is generally the weaker figure of the two, she's definitely not bad for a prize figure; getting both of the Vol. 1 releases was certainly something I did not regret because they actually look mighty fine especially when displayed together. Being Maria though, you do have a choice between this and Vol. 2 Maria which is based on her Symphony of the Night appearance but honestly after seeing how the Vol. 2 figures look like, I'd definitely and confidently say, this is WAY better even if I'm not a fan of the Obata designs. If you can actually find a bundled deal then certainly gun for it if you're a franchise fan! 

Anyway, much like Simon, I also got Maria from Hubbyte Toy Store since I actually got them together, haha!

I do give Maria a good enough 3.5 out of 5.

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