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Review: figma Akagi

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Max Factory
Figure Number: 222
Origin Series: Kantai Collection
Scale: Non-scale
Height: Approximately 14cm tall
Original Price: 4,630 Yen


While I've already went over the generic figma box styles for around 3 times by now, I must say, sometimes, these do look appealing when they pick a very good complimenting color which, to my eyes anyway, is the case for Akagi's box; it looks clean and appealing in a way and definitely, every product placement of Akagi in the sides does make the figure samples stand out very well. The back is your typical gimmick summary and there are quite a number of them for Akagi because her box is the wide type due to the amount of her accessories.


While I have not played the game nor have I fully watched the anime series, I definitely how Akagi looks in both renditions and I must say since the figma is based on her game appearance (because she's quite a beauty in the anime if you ask me), her default face definitely looks a lot better than her original game art and that actually is pretty praise worthy for me whenever I like something better than their basis. There is definitely a great resemblance there but figma also took some liberties to adjust her hair so it won't look ridiculously flat.

While Akagi is a KanMusu/Fleet Girl, compared to some other KanMusus, Akagi looks pretty plain as her design completely reflects that of a Kyudo practitioner with only minor ship parts on her basic outfit such as the one between her right shoulder and her head; the outfit is definitely well molded but being well molded doesn't mean it's well painted though as there are quite a number of paint bleeds on my piece with the red highlights on her upper torso.

The "A" on her skirt does have a very clean finish so yeah while the upper parts had some noticeable bleeds, I find the lower half satisfying.

The ship deck shoulder guard also gives the same contentment as there aren't any easily identifiable eyesores over its painted details.

Going to the remaining ship part which is her quiver, I must say I absolutely love the quiver's finish; the glossy red used to cover it does look wonderful while being accompanied by a well molded cluster of arrow tips which does look wonderful as well. Overall, Akagi's mold looks great despite having some paint bleeds here and there.

And before I go to the next section, here's a quick size comparison of Akagi with some of my other archers, namely figma Madoka and SHF Cure Heart and you'll actually see that she's the tallest among them.


Figma stand and her ship parts aside, figma Akagi does come with a stringless longbow, 5 bauxites, a repair bucket and 2 unique arrows which represents two different planes. 

For her hand sets, she does come with 2 unique "gloved" right hands which comes in an open hand and a hand that's used for holding the arrows; additionally, she does have an alternate normal right fist, a right hand that's used to properly hold a bauxite, a pair of gripping and open hands, as well a unique right hand that's holding chopsticks as well as a unique left hand that holds a bowl FULL of rice; the rice is removable btw. Because you are given an option to have her right hand "un-gloved", max factory does give two types of extra 2.0 wrist joints with one being a flesh wrist joint to allow you to perfectly display an un-gloved right hand.

Lastly, for her alternate faceplates, you are given a "half-damaged" face as well as a happy eating face! (with enlarged cheek to emphasize on how much an eater the aircraft carrier can be) 

Articulation Points:

Starting off with Akagi's neck joint, it is your typical neck joint in terms of movement but her long hair just gets in the way of things such that while the downward movement is pretty great, the upward movement does feel pretty non-existent. You can tilt the head as well as rotate it to a neat degree when going sideways though it is, once again, hindered by her hair and it doesn't help that she doesn't have a hinge on her hair.

Figma Akagi's side rotation does suffer from one "problem", while looking towards her right isn't a big deal, making her look towards her left is a different matter; while the ship part on her right shoulder is made of very flexible plastic, it is good to note that you really should practice a good amount of caution in here since god knows when it just might snap off even if it's made of bendy material. To help identify with the part I'm talking about, the photo below has been slightly edited with the part being encircled.

Surprisingly enough, even with the shoulder guard, her right arm does fully rotate (though you might get hindered by the quiver if it's attached) and that both arms can be raised sideways to a perfect 90. Given the figma joints you can do a minor rotation at the connecting point of the shoulder joint to the arms; additionally you can also swivel her forearms at the elbow joint thanks to her design, additionally, the arms also bend to around 75 degrees with the said joint. And with the 2.0 wrists, you can pretty much do also figuart-ish movement which is pretty good.

Surprisingly, the ship deck does bear a ball joint so you can definitely adjust it to your needs to prevent it from being a bother in your poses.

As for her torso, there is a good downward bend at the ab section while the outward stretch isn't that much; you can also use the ab joint as a swivel for the upper half of Akagi's torso as well as a tilting point if you want to.

And finally going to her legs, there's quite a limited movement on her hips due to how the skirt was made, it is layered but the material isn't soft enough to actually allow Akagi to split sideways or kick forward to a neat degree. She does have thigh swivels which fully rotate while her legs bend to a neat 75 degrees through her knee joints. Last but not the least, her ankle joints does have a good range with the hinge but rotating her feet might prove to be a little difficult be it from the leg connector or the feet connector so yeah, tilting is quite limited as well.


Despite some limitations in the articulation points section, the frame does feel quite perfect for Akagi since it does allow you to do really good archery poses and while her leg articulation is pretty limited, her in-character poses certainly doesn't require a dynamic amount of leg movement so it's all good when it comes to posing her. Additionally on a personal level, posing KanColle figures with the SRC Dash effect does work pretty well.

The poseable ship deck does indeed help in supporting more archery poses and that really was probably the saving grace of figma Akagi in terms of her poseability when it comes to doing kyudo stances.

While her archery poses do look pretty great, I am saddened by the fact that Akagi doesn't have a serious face which could've really helped in making her shooting poses look a bit more lively.

What's nice about Akagi's outfit is that even if you dismantle all her ship parts, she still does make a very good "normal" archer which makes her body a very handy option if you need to mix and match and make one of your figmas a kyudo practitioner.

And going to the more casual poses, here's Akagi-sempai drowning in her beloved rice; the removable rice lump was indeed a very smart move by the figma line since it does allow you more variety such as asking for seconds.

And finally, while I don't play the game, I know that these girls do get some nasty damages and in the event that one happens...

You are provided with a "damaged" face though there isn't any alternate bodies like the Queen's Blade/Gate figmas as the new sub line "figFIX" does that for you, but yeah, pretty great addition and you indeed do something with the damaged face even without the torn clothes and whatnot.

Though, seriously speaking, her damaged face certainly looks more like she isn't very amused at whatever is happening.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, I think Akagi is a pretty neat package, I definitely love the figma and her character design but yeah, you can always choose between her and Kaga if you just want to get one KanMusu that uses the same body mold. Figma Akagi is definitely far from being that one perfect articulated figure but she is a very good articulated rendition of the character (would you rather pick those micro things? lol) so yeah if you love the character, then definitely gun for it; she does have a unique and interesting array of accessories too which definitely helps if you love playing around with your figmas. And before I end the review, Akagi's one of the KanMusus that I got from the awesome Teitokus at Onegai Onii-chan!

I do give Akagi a 3.5 out of 5.

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