Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Review: figma Sinon

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Max Factory
Figure Number: 241
Origin Series: Sword Art Online II
Scale: Non-scale
Height: Approximately 13.5cm tall
Original Price: 5,370 Yen


I've been reviewing some of the new boxed figmas recently that I'm actually running out of things to say but one thing though is that the background they choose actually is the real factor that affects whether the box looks appealing or not and for my personal tastes, the choice for Sinon doesn't really sit well with since it's too bright, the neon green definitely is an eyesore for me.

Color choice aside, Max definitely picked the most suited product shots for the sides and top of the box since they really fit their areas well and at the back is your useful product shots + gimmick highlights.

While I hate the box's background color choice, I do love the color that they used for the di:stage cutout which is a shade of blue and I think it definitely would've looked better if they used that color for the box background but eh, it's just a box so I'll definitely stop here.


Starting of with Sinon's default face, max factory's figma line has definitely captured her beautiful face to a high degree (perfection if I must say but no such thing as perfect, right?); this, of course, includes Sinon's fierce look as well as her unique and wonderful eyes.

Sinon's hair is molded quite well especially with all the notable "spikes" present on her hair mold; the color looks superb as they did get her aquamarine-ish hair color quite well. By looking closely on my piece though, she does have some rough work in both mold and paint but these are minor nitpicks nitpicks in my part since they're hardly even noticeable unless you really look closely. 

Her signature scarf also looks wonderful mold-wise since you can definitely see that some folds are in there though the black lines look pretty messed up since the lines definitely have traces that there are actually paint misses in there.

The rest of Sinon's outfit overall does look great as once again, there's the realistic aspect that her clothes have a lot of folds here and there and the army green color is just captured perfectly; there's definitely a great amount of accuracy in the overall mold of her body down to her notable "assets" and the amount of skin she shows near her waist and nothing looks cheap when all the paint apps come together.

While I can't show it yet, the piece that stretches from Sinon's knee socks to her belt is actually made up of soft plastic and you'll see that in action later in the articulation section!

I'm not sure if my piece was the unlucky one but, again, my only problems with her details would be the rough finish on the black linings on her outfit and there's also some paint smudges here and there, one of which is fairly visible on her default left fist.

If you haven't noticed yet, there's a holster on the back of Sinon and that definitely works for storing her inclusive pistol.

Additionally, the scarf can be removed to reveal a choker on Sinon and a clearer view on the back of her vest. What actually impresses me is that figma finally found a way to actually work out that long neck whenever the figure has some neck level accessory as Sinon, without her scarf, definitely has a normal looking neck length.


Figma stand and the mentioned pistol aside, Sinon does come with her Signature rifle, the Hecate II, along with some option parts for it; adding to her pistol, she does come with a blast effect for it. As far as alternate body parts are concerned, she comes with 2 extra faceplates which I'll expand on later, an alternate back hair part, an extra wrist joint and a total of 8 extra hands that comes in a pair of open hands, a pair of gun holding hands, a pair of standard weapon holding hands, a unique right  pointing/gun-shaped hand and a special left hand which can be used to hold the frontal part of  the Hecate II.

As far as faceplates are concerned, Sinon does come with a very cute embarassed smiling face and a very powerful angry face with her teeth clenched.

As I said above, Hecate does have some option parts that can be used to display it in it's sniping mode.

The alternate hair part does have a wider cut which is intended to be used for her laid down sniping position.

Articulation Points:

Even without using her alternate hair parts, Sinon does have a ridiculous range when it comes to looking up and there's also a very satisfying downward movement in there. Since Sinon is short-haired, there's also a free rotation on her neck joint as well as some sideways tilt.

Using the alternate hair parts does allow further upward bend which perfectly helps you to recreate her sniping pose.

The tails on her scarf are individually articulated as well so you can rotate them at their connection points or raise the scarf tail to around 90 degrees and this perfectly works for giving Sinon a sense of dynamism.

Sinon's arms can rotate freely and you can raise her arms sideways to a perfect 90 degrees as well; the connection point on her arms and shoulder joint does work as some sort of bicep swivel. The arms can bend to around 135 degrees and much like her shoulder joints, you can rotate the forearms on the connection point on her arm's upper half and the elbow joint. Sinon also uses the 2.0 wrist joints so this does give you a good amount of freedom to move her arms.

Additionally, you can pull down her arms slightly since the shoulder joint is connected to the body via ball joints.

Sinon's ab section gives you a good enough outward stretch though not so much when doing an inward bend; it also allows some minor rotation and little to none sideways tilt.

There's supposed to be movement on her waist but it proves that there's little to none movement in there but you can try though.

Going to the lower body articulation, Sinon does have a satisfying forward kick and a rather limited backward movement; the sideways split does allow to around 45 degrees and in the shot below, you can see how the cloth's made of soft and bendy plastic. Sinon does have thigh swivels as well so you can rotate it to your liking to a great degree. Her legs bend at her knees to somewhere just past 90 degrees. Lastly, her ankle joints does give you the ability to rotate her feet, tilt it sideways, raise them up or tip them.


Sinon's got a ridiculously poseable frame and that does allow you a variety of poses especially with her pistol. Even with just her pistol alone, Sinon really can be posed dynamically and definitely, giving those scarf tails a joint helps in giving her poses a sense of movement thus making her poses look more realistic; additionally giving Hecate a removable strap does give her dynamic action poses an extra wow factor though personally, aside from hanging it over her body on pistol poses, I don't really like using the strap as I actually had it removed for a majority of the shoot's duration.

Sinon definitely gives off a very fierce aura when in her action poses and I definitely enjoyed posing her with her pistol a lot.

Going to her use of Hecate, without actually posing her in her sniping position; there's really not much you can make do of her handling the rifle aside from movements carrying it or maybe sitting while having her hold the rifle's barrel.

Of course, the main purpose of Hecate is to have Sinon snipe out her enemies.

Her figma emulates this pose perfectly and I must say, I love it since it looks so natural in many ways.

It's too bad that the blast effect can't be used on Hecate but you can always be creative with mixing effect parts to provide Sinon's sniping pose a great deal of "action" involved.

Of course, it's not all about the action hence the embarrassed smiling face and that actually works well with her gun-shaped hand.

Additionally, you can definitely make use of her angry face for casual poses as well like when she's about to slap Kirito.

Definitely, her embarrassed face works well with removing her scarf and more likely with another character involved.

Final Thoughts:

While my piece does have a lot of lining flaws, I must say, Sinon's figma definitely is one of the most movable figmas I've had in a while and her array of hands and faces faithfully represents her character; adding to it, her overall over design in terms of being an articulated figure was definitely well thought out as everything moving simply works together in great deal of harmony. While figmas have been going up in prices in its recent releases, Sinon was definitely worth every buck. I don't think figma's missed out on anything when it comes to showing off Sinon's strong characteristics as to how we have seen her in the anime's GGO arc, I guess we could've used a scared expression but hey, I like my Asada-san charmingly brave lol. Definitely something I would suggest picking up for those interested in the line, series or the character if you haven't already done so especially with GGO Kirito getting released soon (if he doesn't get delayed).

Anyway, I got GGO's BoB champ from Onegai Onii-chan, so do check them out for your local figure needs.

I give Sinon a 4.5 out of 5.


  1. I'm impressed with her face. It looks nicely done. :)

    1. yeah, I really think Sinon's one of the most accurate in terms of face value in the figmas. XD