Thursday, June 4, 2015

Review: Nendoroid Sonic The Hedgehog

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Good Smile Company
Figure Number: 214
Origin Series: Sonic The Hedgehog
Scale: Non-scale
Height: Approximately 10cm tall
Original Price: 3,333 Yen


 Being a nendoroid numbered below 300, Sonic does still have the old box style which makes his box design unique; covered in blue while have some black hole like designs though I don't actually what those are back in the original games, as the only thing I can relate to it are the Zone displays haha. The sides does get 2 product shots each and they are all combined at the box, kind redundant I guess but hey, nice way to show stuff though. The Top of the box is pretty neat since the cut out of Sonic definitely takes its cue from the title screen of the old games!


Like usual, I'll start off with Sonic's default face, I must say that it's very nicely done! The face is perfectly captured just like how Sonic looks like from how I remember him from the good 'ol genesis and actually even better! Though Sonic is under the nendoroid line, he certainly didn't receive any deformations on his look (based on his original look anyway) which makes it awesome since this does allow you to lump him up with some other figure lines.

Sonic's long nose is also translated to figure form very nicely as well as his spiky hedgehog "hair".

And because Sonic's design is very simple, the nendoroid line captures it pretty well and the paint choices of blue, white and flesh looks very satisfying as I love how the color choices come down and make nendoroid Sonic looks very lively.


As we all know, Nendoroid are often accessory heavy and Sonic is not an exception! Sonic comes with a ring and chaos emerald with stands, a check point, an item box with 5 different power up display options, an alternate right leg, an alternate left arm, 2 alternate faceplates, a pair of fists, a thumbs up left hand and a pointing left hand.

The first of Sonic's alternate expressions is a side glancing grin which totally works since Sonic does that a lot in his artworks and even in the animated series iirc. The next up is a more serious face with a straight look; it definitely applies for more serious matters since it does have an evident frown on Sonic's face.

The item box looks very neat when it has the power up display inside and you can barely notice the clear plastic that's used to hold it in place so it definitely looks like it's floating in the middle of the item box which looks awesome!

Articulation Points:

Being a non-hero edition/super movable edition nendoroid, Sonic does have quite limited points; starting off with his head, there's a slight upward movement due to to his spiky hair though moving it downwards is very satisfying. Additionally, you can freely rotate his head though no sideways tilt due to how nendo joints are attached to the head.

Sonic's arms can fully rotate though depending on the head's orientation, you might get some hindrance. Most of the articulation is on the wrists, while you can fully rotate it, there is a small hinge in each hand as well so you can tilt them up or down to your liking.

Sonic's hip joints slightly differ from your typical nendo hip joints such that the join is really part of his legs rather than a separate piece; this does lock your thigh swivel though you can do a similar effect by rotating the connection point between the legs and the torso, though yeah, this does make it more limited overall. You can definitely make sonic kick as the legs can be raised forward or backwards to around somewhere higher than 45 degrees. The ankles actually are ball jointed so you do have all the neat range on his shoes such as tilting and rotation.


The bunch of the in game objects being included in the set definitely gives Sonic a wide varierty of display options. Of course, getting more Sonics does give you more display pieces but yeah, unless you actually can find a split. The accessories definitely gives more life to Sonic's running poses since apart from running and jumping, there isn't much you can do with Sonic's accessories although he can "hold" the chaos emerald.

I think the handsets included are enough though I really wish that they also provided an alternate bent left leg; technically speaking you can use the alternate right leg for the left but that will result in the joint's visibility when used as a left leg. The inclusion of the ring was very nice since it does allow you to re-enact Sonic getting hit with the rings splashing around.

My biggest gripe on Nendoroid Sonic is that of all the accessories included, why did GSC have to forget the "ball" form when sonic actually charges to do a super speedy move; this actually could've been perfect if that was included but hey, still a pretty nice figure.

Though Sonic has limited articulation points for being a nendo, he can indeed brawl with other smash characters like Nintendo's mascot, Mario! And with that said, enjoy these Smash inspired photos below~

Final Thoughts:

Nendoroid Sonic is a pretty solid release overall and I definitely do not regret getting him. Quite frankly, I only really got him to eventually do a Smash display but after the shoot with this, I actually got to appreciate him more though yeah, my one gripe mentioned in the Poseability section definitely is THE gripe else this would've really felt like THE Sonic figure. A highly recommended figure for the franchise fans though I really wish GSC would make the other characters and not just stick with Sonic alone. I did get this 2 years back in a convention from Great Toys Online.

I do give Nendo Sonic a 4 out of 5.

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