Friday, July 10, 2009

Cartoon Failure

Very cartoon-ish, eh?

Well, this is just something I've noticed over the week while watching some kiddie cartoons before sleeping.

Usually, when the clock strikes 12, I turn off the pc, go to bed and watch some tv while waiting for my body to get sleepy, the usual things I watched would be from Hero, if the shows are good enough or look for an interesting movie in HBO or Star Movies, if all else fails, I land on Cartoon Network, who precisely have the ff. in order from 12-2: KnD, Foster's and a back to back episodes of Powerpuff girls.

Usually, I fall asleep after watching 30 minutes of nothing but replayed episodes of the PPG, but last Sunday after watching Tears to Tiara, I've noticed one big LOL and cartoon-fail. One such of this failure which I noticed is this supposedly super genius villain.

That's right, Mojojojo! I loled actually when I saw that episode and finally noticed it even after passing by that episode for countless times already since childhood. One episode shows Princess hires Mojo to help her destroy the PPG by paying Mojo a ton-o-money. In that episode, Mojo creates chemical X and an antidote. Now that's where the supreme failure is, he's a genius, if he CAN make chemical X and the antidote, then why the hell doesn't he make one for himself plug himself with it and use a device that can surely zap the PPG of their powers. Haha, for a really smart monkey with an enormous brain, he sure is stupid not to think of using that on himself. XD

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  1. don't expect too much from monkeys, especially genius monkeys. they're already genius monkeys so you really can't ask for more.