Friday, July 10, 2009

Project Diva: Murakami's Tips and Tricks

Have a fun time with Miku
Along with her pure moeness in her game.

After almost 2 weeks of enjoying Miku's very very VERY moe game for the PSP, I think it's time I give some personal tips and tricks to this game... Anyway, if you're reading this, you should hear star story playing, plant that on your head, LOL. That's one of the best songs featured first in this game.

Miku gives off a kind of feeling...

Take it Easy!
Yes, one of the first things you have to do is to try and unlock all songs. I'm not insulting expert-know-it-all gamers out there but if you're entirely new or even if you're familiar with Rhythm games, take this game, run through all songs at easy difficulty. Why easy? The game's pretty easy actually even in hard difficulty songs except some 2 to 4 songs, anyway, playing easy will easily let you breeze through and unlock all songs in a matter of time. But don't take easy mode lightly, as much as possible, have your adaptation to game by playing the easy ones and as much as possible score a Great and get to 100+ combos or even try to rank perfects while breezing through the easy mode.

Costumes, costumes and more MOENESS!
Unlocking the costumes is the greatest challenge of the game, the last costume can be unlocked by getting a Great on hard modes of all 39 songs. Costume unlocking can be cheated, but in the same time it helps, the EASY rule still sticks, usually, the requirement 2 of the costumes require you to play a song 5 times on any given difficulty or score a 100+ combo chain or score high points. Usually, if you'd breezed through the easy mode, you should be somewhat familair already with the songs and their varying speed. I prefer the combo requirement on easy mode, it always works although for the 5 times clear, I prefer it to play at normal difficulty, while you're at it, try to score a great to unlock the hard. Normal and Hard are very similar to each other, only major difference is that you press all 4 buttons at hard.


One major tip to get the score require and achieve great if you missed the perfect chance already is to focus yourself. Trust me, it's ok to land a few safe, bad and worst and you still have a chance to pull off on achieving great. One of the best tips I can give here is to keep on chaining or even if you miss at times, just keep up, the biggest great factor depends on the "chance time start", the very trick to get overwhelming scores would be to perfect the whole combo chain for the chance time start, as in no combo break as soon as the chance time appears, if you manage to pull off a complete chain, you'll get a total point boost usually enought to fire up your points to achieving great.

~Kimi ni utau suta story~~~

Advice from yours truly, King Mikutard I
If you're not Mikutard enough, you'd probably be hearing a lot of new songs if you haven't been visiting the sega Project Diva site while waiting for its release. One best advice I can give is on your easy run or even during costume unlocking, score a great at any of the two difficulties, achieving great allows you to unlock the PV of the song, by pressing /\ button on the song select, you can view the PV and watch Miku dance, the real trick here is that if you don't have anything to do at the moment, replay the PVs again and again, not because of Miku overload but to be familair with the song or the music. The notes follow how the music flows, that's why me almost being familiar with more than 1/2 of the songs in the game had a breeze in playing any level since I've most likely memorized the music already. On a different note though, when I play this game, I always get more focused when I play this with earphones at max volume, lol.

Anyway, that's that hope that helps. Enjoy the Star Story music by kz ^^


  1. Thanks, this is helpful.

  2. Nice tips!

    Haha, I still suck at that game. I need more Miku XD

  3. there are 4 songs in *yellow* list that i couldnt unlock although i beat every song in normal mode.. do i need to clear easy mode for all? XD

  4. @Wilson: Ah, that'd be the Rin/Len versions, just finish the Miku song before the two missing songs 3 times, 2nd clear would unlock Len version and 3rd clear would unlock Rin version. Do this for both and you should unlock everything. ^^