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Review: [Bandai] S.I.C. Volume 21 Kamen Rider Amazon -Classics 2007 Edition-

Figure Info:
Kamen Rider Amazon
Scale and Height:
Non-scale and is approximately 18cm tall.

Daisuke Yamamoto, better known as Amazon, is an orphan who grew in the Amazon Jungle after he survived a plane crash from when he was still a child. He was entrusted with the Gigi Bracelet and was transformed into Kamen Rider Amazon a few moments before the Incan elder, Bago died. Left with an order to go to Japan, he eventually found his way in and befriended a child named Masahiko, who teaches him the ways in Japan. Going to Japan also led to the Gedon following him with the desire to get the Gigi Bracelet from him. This in turn causes the ones close to Amazon and innocent people to be involved. Anyway, Amazon was the first Rider not to follow an insect motif, it said that he's a lizard but some argues he's a piranha, I really don't know but based from his attacks, he acts more like a piranha since he usually bites his enemies and not to mention that he has fins in his back. Amazon has a rider kick but he rarely uses it and his finisher is called "Dai Setzudan", an attack that usually decapitates using his hands. Amazon's image below.

Since this is an SIC, no basis can be used since the more ferocious the design the better, I guess. so, here goes...

If you checked the box above, you maybe wondering why there's a motorcycle. Yes, there is and it's Amazon's Bike, Jungler, which I will review right after this. The one I have is the Classics 2007 version so, it still has those double layered packaging which is pretty much good. The box is really wide due to Jungler but at least it's not that ridiculous space-wise.

As far as Design is concerned, Amazon IMO is one of the best SIC designed Riders, pretty much straying from the original look, he looks fiercer while at the same time giving you an idea that he still is Amazon. The back is fin is really detailed along with the red parts on his costume which makes him look like a lizard indeed, a chameleon to be exact. What's supposedly sharp are kept sharp along with his condorer belt and a die-cast Gigi bracelet and lastly his scarf made up of real cloth, how's that for resourcefulness. The joints are pretty loose in my case but still I think most of the old SICs have this "loose" joints issue.

Now for the pure win, Amazon's head, really really impressive, a fiercer look really helps and even the mouth was nicely done, really enough to somewhat "hide" the joints. ^^ The eyes are made from the usual material used for V3/Black's eyes.

Bonus Features and Accessories:
Well, not really much of a bonus feature but like I've mentioned above, his mouth has joints for it to open and for people to try a Jaguar Shock pose, lol. Really the mouth opening feature is really nice since Amazon isn't really Amazon without that. As for other features but not too important, Amazon has a condorer whip and nunchakus included in the accessories, so he can wield them, at the same time, Bandai didn't fail on this part since they provided a belt without the condorer. And for more weird features, you can switch the Gigi bracelet with the Gaga bracelet included in this pack.

Well, Amazon's poseability sucks to be frank, you can't even do most of his poses especially the post-henshin hand pose, where his arms are like slanting diagonally. Only a limited amount of Amazon's poses can be imitated, and it's up to your creativeness to deal with decent poses using the whip and the nunchakus. He can do his mid air Dai Setzudan pose though. ^^

Well, SIC Amazon is good enough but you should treat him more of a statue to be contented since he really lacks poseability due to body and joint restrictions. But yeah, his price is pretty good considering the fact that you are mostly paying for his Bike in this pack. But still SIC Amazon is pretty wicked.

Details - 10/10
Bonus Features and Accessories - 8/10
Poseability - 5/10
Price - 9/10 (Same rating given to Jungler)

Average: 8/10

Amazon Raidaaa, koko ni ari~~~

Well, yeah, if you buy SICs for poseability I really suggest you pass on this but unless you want the Bike, go get it. Amazon is pretty much worth for me, since even with a few poses available, he'd look awesome already even on just a standing pose. Not to mention that the design is truly amazing IMO. Anyway, I'll follow this with a Jungler review since I consider them separate figures.Part 2 of the review here.

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