Thursday, September 3, 2009

Review: [Bandai] S.I.C. Volume 21 Jungler -Classics 2007 Edition-

Figure Info:
Kamen Rider Amazon
Scale and Width:
Non scale
*will update once I measure the width of this cycle*

Well, basically when Amazon went to Japan, he really hates machines and later on when he met Tobei Tachibana, he was taught how to ride motorcycles. He hated it at first but when his friends got in danger, out goes Amazon without hesitation and rides a bike to follow Gedon troops. As a gratitude for saving his life, Tachibana creates the Jungler for Amazon and is thus used by him starting from that point. It is also seen in the manga Kamen Rider Spirits that Jungler has a mind of its own when it displayed the anime anger nerve when he was called something like a crappy machine.

Now here we are with the continuation of SIC Vol. 21's review...

I'll skip the box review since it's done already, just click on the link above if you haven't read it yet.

Well, I think the main selling point of Vol. 21 is indeed Jungler, actually even without Amazon, it's pretty much worth already, it's really heavy since a lot of parts are made up of die-cast. The re-imagined Jungler proves way better than the original, a really fitting design to be with SIC Amazon. The fin-like part in the back of the Jungler are removable and are also designed pretty well. Applaud to SIC line for this really epic motorcycle.

Jungler is pretty much for display only, it has a few features, like the stand(?) used to hold off motorcycles, it can be pulled down to hold the weight of this heavy bike and the front part of Jungler can be swayed to the left or to the right depending on your taste. The wheels are movable so you can make is run using some crazy invention. Lastly, Amazon wouldn't be packed here here if he can't ride it, that'd be ridiculous, lol.

Being the main selling point, you really have to admire this piece of heavy machinery, really worth the price if you're the one carrying it, LOL. Anyway, the Jungler is really a bad ass machine getting the SIC treatment, you can't go wrong.

Details - 10/10
Features - 7/10
Price - 9/10 (same rating with SIC Amazon)
Average: 8.67/10

Well, don't have any pics this time so, I'll go straight forward this time, so, with contrast to what I've mentioned in Amazon's review, if you'd like the bike, go for it, it's just too awesome and believe me the bike itself is already worth the money already.


  1. did you get a hero saga booklet for buying vol 21 and 16 classic version? thx

  2. ^ Only for Vol. 21, as far as I know only Classics 2007 has the Hero Saga booklets, Classics 2008 had those name plates instead. ^^

  3. cool, thx for the reply..btw, good review.

  4. i bought vol 21 and i must say, it's really worth it. it has an awesome package, really liked the weight of the bike. it doesn't come off as cheap looking.

    one more thing, just as u said, this volume is badass.

    will be waiting for more sic review from u man..keep up the good work..

  5. ^ Thanks! :) Volume 21 is probably one of the better SICs from the ones using the old joint frame. And Amazon's really fit to the SIC treatment much like how Hibiki Riders are XD