Wednesday, August 19, 2009

War of Riders

Looks like this place's up next...

Now to finally give some feedbacks on Amazon Sekai...

Well, I somewhat understand why they used Amazon out of all possible Showa riders since Amazon is in fact an outcast both here and the original, he really doesn't have something as home. And using this trait, they use it to have some relation to Tsukasa.

Well, I know Decade messes up the original stories of the Riders he encounter to have some originality but seriously, Amazon's world is pretty messed up, what ever happened to Masahiko and his ever lasting friendship with Amazon? Meh, you won't see it in Decade, Amazon's sekai is conquered by the Dai Shocker and is headed by a cool-looking Jyumenki as head of Gedon compared to that yuck Golgos of the original. Haha, they also altered the Gaga bracelet design here. The story in this world is pretty much okay so to speak.

One final note though is that Amazon is disappointing since the original Amazon, Amazon bites off his enemies in human form, and there's a lot of chopping in it. However, in Decade, since it's most likely for kids, Amazon doesn't chop off parts, although they bleed and Amazon still bites but only in his Rider form. Lastly, the Amazon of Decade is pretty lame, the lines are like ugh... No match for the original, Amazon is supposedly savage not kind and Amazon doesn't speak straight japanese!

Well, as a point of comparison... Here's are video clips of the old and the new Amazon henshin, fight and gaos.

Original Amazon

Decade Amazon

Really disappointing... Tsk tsk, DiEnd is after Gaga bracelet here btw, and some joke happens in 29, just watch it. Anyway, for the final world in the series, we go to the Rider War world and it seems a lot of characters are returning next episode, including Kenzaki, the original Kamen Rider Blade...

Well, a few more updates and I should be done, starting to think of watching KR W or not...

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