Sunday, October 18, 2009

October Hauls #s 3 and 4

Miku presents... *drum roll*
October Hauls Wave 2!!!

And for this month's Otakai EB, I got these two babes. :D

Well, today I had to let go of one of my figs, it's my Louise from Koto. Yeah, really nice fig but since I'm at disposal, I figured there are much better Louise figs out there, so, I can let go of her. But of course, I lose and I gain, in exchange for the loss of Louise, I got Airi special edition! ^^ Finally a full cast-off figure! And of course, today's holy grail... it's my beautiful 3rd waifu Ryoko Asakura!! The 2007-released Max Factory figure which I luckily won at riuva! OMG, I'm cursing myself for doubting this before by looking at the preview pics, she's really one piece of beautiful angel!!!! ZOMG!

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