Sunday, December 27, 2009

December Haul # (?)

I couldn't control myself, lololol!

Well, hopefully, I don't further spend. XD

Went to GH earlier again and usually, what happens is I'm always tempted to spend when I go there, and I had to take quite a lot of time earlier to finally decide on who I'll get. I had to hesitate on Max Factory Tsuruya at first and then went to Shoppesville plus and even made the choices go worse to adding Unleashed Bobba Fett and the Spawn on Throne figure. But decided to drop them off and went back to GreatToys to decide on Tsuruya or Caren but in the end I asked one of the staff to get the Ymir Special Edition and when I heard of the price, I really thought, she's more worth than the others and I opened it earlier at Starbucks (even get to see our Thesis Coordinator there) and she's probably really worth more than Tsuruya or Caren. But I'll get that Tsuruya sometime soon. XD

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