Sunday, December 13, 2009

December Hauls Wave 3!

Today was Otakai's 1st Xmas Party
And I wasn't expecting to take these much home XD

Well, really screwed up a bit since I had like 3 hours of sleep only but... Heck the day went well.

Well, before proceeding to GH, I asked a friend from Otakai to go with me to one of the stores of the other members, I hesitated a bit yesterday but Wasabi had a note that the petit doesn't guarantee all characters to be obtained, so... I asked one of our suppliers in Otakai if his set surely contains all 10 + the secret Miku, he replied yes and quickly I didn't care for my pre-order slot in wasabi for a while and decided to get his set instead. I got it earlier and my friend got Lelouch's Fate and then we proceeded to GH but the party really starts at 5pm XD so, we had to roam GH and chat chat chat and time flied, during lunch, my friend gave me a box as a Christmas present, I only opened it during the party and found out it was a Figumate Ryoko and while on the time frame of waiting for 5pm, I had to stop by GreatToys to get the Sega Prize Ryoko, the figma sized but really nicely done Ryoko and it was on sale, so good for the wallet. Lastly, another one of my friends in Otakai, my "imouto" in the Otakai family, gave me a the kuji Lucky Star X Macross Frontier containing Hiyori, waaa, cute even if I didn't know her but still pretty much good to display with Nendos XD

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