Sunday, December 20, 2009

December Hauls Wave 4

Combat Instructor!!! XD

Yep and I'm finally one more step away from closing my QB collection ^^

Well, to cut the long story short, this Alleyne was something I've been trying to get the local store to pull out since it's been under reservation for quite some time now. Really long time and they still won't give it up, luckily, a restock came last Thursday, so, I immediately called Friday morning and had reserved so I can pick up it yesterday. And here, only Nyx, Aldra and possibly Ymir left and I can stick to only Airi. ^^

On the other hand, while PD Miku is still out there somewhere unable to reach here until yesterday. I decided to give PSP a new game since it can't be hacked yet because it's already in firmware 5.5 sadly XD I decided to buy a classic I know I'll enjoy and so, I got FF Tactics Lion War for it.

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