Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Review: [MegaHouse] Excellent Model Core Infernal Temptress Airi -Special Edition-

Figure Info:
Queen's Blade
Scale and Height:
Non-scale and measured as 34cm from base to the tip of the Scythe.

The Infernal Temptress
Well, I really don't know much about the original story but in the anime, Airi is part of the servants of the swamp witch posing as one of the villains in the first season of the anime. First seen in the forest of the elves fighting with Alleyne and Nowa, Airi has the power to suck out a person's life force which she needs in order to maintain her physical appearance, when Airi's stamina for her physical body is in its limits, her clothes start to disappear. In season 2, as she fights Cattleya and learns of Aldra's secrets, she escapes with Cattleya's son, Rana, and was then turned good because of the kid, as far as being able to resist sucking life energy from random people. Even though her physical body disappears, her spirit remains and can still suck life energy given an opening.

Anyway, here's one of Airi's images from her Queen's Blade game book. A real temptress indeed.

Anyway, finally a review of my 4th waifu's fig... fufufu.

Well, the box is pretty plain and as usual I could care less about it but one thing is the prints used for the box are pretty fragile so, you might want to take extra caution when removing those tapes since you might tear some parts of the box if you're not careful enough.

Face and Photogenic Appeal:
Well, there is no doubt that among all the Airi figures made out there, MegaHouse's version has the best and the most lovely face among all other Airis right now, heck, I watched the series because of this fig since Airi's really pretty here. Her face is a definite win. View the pic below:

As for photogenic appeal, she's fine, still lovely at different anglesbut mostly striking ones should be from her left, give you that wonderful capture of Airi's beauty. ^^ Some shots below.

Body and Details:
One noticeable fact about this is that she looks a bit fat when viewed from a far, well, that's most likely because of how the maid outfit was done but still the details are great especially the multiply frills from her outfit. Her outfit is made of soft material so you won't have much problem when deciding to make use of the bonus feature. Anyway, detail shots below.

One main difference of the Special Edition Airi is the base since in the original version, her base's color was patterned after her wisps, which is purple-ish. But here, it's transparent which has it's own advantages and disadvantages in dust rampant areas like our house. Anyway, you need to connect risers to base thus making the figure look really tall and with her pose and weapon on top, it makes her taller. XD

Bonus Features:
As a special edition, there are additional weapons for Airi, a new wooden staff is included with two options for its attachment, an axe edge to make it like some kind of pole axe and the other being, a broom! XD What's a maid without a broom, I guess. XD

As all Queen's Blade figs from MegaHouse, Airi has a full cast off, it's a bit tricky though but beneath that maid outfit is a really nice body, and definitely a winner as a bonus feature. You can click here for the NSFW pics.

MegaHouse Airi is pretty worth it since she's really beautiful except if you're a pose concerned collector, better head out for the Griffon but overall quality, this is better and really a good price to fetch as well. But the special edition sure is insane since additional weapons made its yen price up by quite a bit compared to the original release but still, Special Edition is a good chance to get Airi on those who missed it.

For the score:

Face and Photogenic Appeal
- 10/10

Body and Sculpt
- 9/10

- 9/10

Bonus Feature
- 10/10

: 9.5/10

Final words, anyone?

Airi is soo adorable! :D

Well, like I said at the face factor, this Airi has the best face so far out of all her figs out there. But pose-wise, the Griffon 1/7 is way better but I really won't mind the pose as long as the face is good since I prefer close up shots more than whole figure shots. But one word though, if you can buy a well-priced original release, go for that one instead unless you want the broom or the pole axe. :D

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