Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!!

Just a holiday greeting to you all! ^_^

I did something a while ago, well, it's not quite the surprise and the photo's quite dim, but anyway... See the rest of the post to see it ^_^

Well, we have a small Christmas Tree here and I've decided to decorate it with something XD It's up to you to view it, it's easy to find them actually. No reward or anything, just for fun. ^_^ Good luck, if you see 3 distinct figures, you got it. :D

Can you find them? :)

Anyway, for the last one is an additional figure and of course, it has to be my favorite large fig of all time. ^_^ Anyway, may everyone have a merry merry Christmas! :D I'll leave you with Miku's Christmas Carol playing behind. ^_^

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