Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Poll Result: Griffon 1/7 Airi

Well, she might've won but...

Well, the poll favors yes by a vote of 6-4. But meh...

Even though the poll says she's a get, I bought Alleyne and Ymir along the way causing my funds for her to disappear and when I got Ymir last Sunday, well, she's gone, I dunno if she got transferred to another branch or someone just bought her anyway, oh well, I'm a bit thankful since I really have a strong feeling that if I buy this and it turns out I really didn't like the face, I might just regret it and sell her. Face sculpt is always what I'm after first, weird looking lips are major demerit of a figure's beauty and sometimes teeth XD

Anyway, thanks for those who voted anyway, she's gone sooo, I'll hesitate once she re-appears XDD

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