Saturday, March 13, 2010

The 39 Day

Alas, my one and only virtual diva love 
has done it!

Well, since I'm pretty busy during the weekdays due to work, I've only watched the Miku Day yesterday... So, this is just another one of those random entries XD

Basically March 9 or 3-9 is Miku's day because it has the 39 to it, why 39? if you see how Miku's name is written, by adding a few lines to it, you can actually form 39. As previous Miku concerts didn't do much impact on me, since I can see most of the performances anytime anyday with my PSP since her performances are the same in Project Diva except of course, the songs not included there. Miku day, however, was very very different, one certain difference is that Miku's appearance is now using the Project Diva Arcade graphics, which is IMO, VERY VERY BEAUTIFUL! Another thing is, there's an actual band accompanying Miku as she sings her songs while songs such as Moon and others have a slight voice change making it really good. 
I could've sworn that I was on heaven already (just joking, of course) but really just watching from this chair and seeing my one and only virrtual diva perform with her free flowing hair and her really lovely appearance in different costumes you see in Project Diva, it was enough to make my day complete VERY complete. Miku was really stunning there. Made me love the diva even more. Also Luka and the Kagamine twins also performed a number of songs, you should see Magnet performance, that was really great! 

Dang, while I was watching that I swear that I wished I could've been on that crowd swinging lights and leeks, heck, if Failippines gets a Miku concert I'm really going for sure! It's so nice to see how many fans Miku has there since here, within the Otakai, community, Miku gets less love as Luka is the community's favorite. XD

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