Saturday, April 17, 2010

April Haul: Another Link

Oh yes, my favorite in Shining Wind!

Probably and hopefully my last haul for this month.

Well, April was filled with some impulse buys (SIC and Saika) but I hope those are the last. Meh, to cut the long story short, Seena was a gamble haul, meaning I didn't really pre-order this but I mailed sir pats of wasabi toys for an extra stock, well, virtually, there was none but I was put in the wait list in case this was dropped. So, I was mailed and I asked if they can reserve it to me for until this month, and to be fair, they had to ask the others in the wait list first since I mailed that last month, turns out that people in the list passed and so, this was reserved to me until the end of this month, but I got it asap of course :p So, with the disappearance of my Koto Seena comes this new and better one, which is none other than Orchid Seed's Seena Kanon taken from Tony Taka's art where Seena had long hair. (which was her look apparently in Shining Wind Another Link) XD

Anyways, if you've noticed all I've posted this month so far were hauls. Busy last week and looks like I'll be out this weekend but I'll do some reviews by next week and some minor random entries. XD


  1. But this wasn't the last haul... You still got a SIC, and a very epic one at that. EPIC!

  2. lol!!! which is why I said hopefully this is the last :))