Thursday, May 20, 2010

DeviantArt and Flickr

I've recently returned to DeviantArt
While my Flickr account is sorta new XD

Well, what's up with these two? Find out from the rest of the post :D

If you've been visiting my "Other Lairs", you might've noticed that only Multiply is the one that's partly alive while YouTube is on halt and DeviantArt is just like a ghost as my last lineart uploaded was like early 2009 or late 2008. XD Well, good news, to those who'd like to watch my account, it's alive again, but no more linearts this time.

Though I still have around 2-3 unscanned linearts left during the time I was away from the site, my deviant account now has my figure shots, you can view some teasers of some future reviews here in there, I only upload 1 picture per figure and some group shots I do not feature here in the blog. So with that, my deviant is once again back and kicking and I'll be uploading more in the future. Oh, last but not least, my deviant also contains some shots of borrowed figures from friends or from my sister. So, there.

Around a week or 2 after I revived my deviant account, I decided to hit Flickr, and boy, I should've been there for a long time XD Why?

Basically if you want a really good image hosting site, Flickr's your best shot. Here's a few pros and cons of what flickr can offer:

- Flickr enchances your images greatly (my shots appear to be a lot sharper and better in terms of how it was when it was transferred from the camera)
- Flickr gives you unlimited picture storage
-Flickr has groups, and contacts (which is nice since other sites do not offer these)

- Flickr has an upload size limit of 100MB per month (uploading large image files will quickly deplete your limit unless you go pro, which needs some payment unless someone gives you one for free)
-Flickr only allows you to view your last 200 shots in your photostream (unless you go pro again but older shots can still be seen in groups)

Well, that's it. You can add me as a contact at flickr by clicking here or by accessing it at the other lairs section to your left. :D


  1. Another Problem with flickr is that unless you go pro, only your last 200 shots will be displayed in your photostream. (You can still view your old shots in the groups though).

    But yeah,your art will be much more appreciated in flickr. Since a number of DA users has that Fanart bias and Girl Artist bias going on.

  2. Oooh, is that so? Thanks for the info *edits cons* Well, true for the DA user biases, unless your figure shot is that of a well known character, the figure shot would most likely be ignored >_<