Monday, May 24, 2010


Ah such a powerful force an LSS is! XD

So... What's an LSS if you still do not know?

LSS stands for Last Song Syndrome, it's where you listen to a song, and apparently, you like it too much and it stays in your mind, playing every second anywhere you go, in mind or even singing it aloud, just an addiction towards one song :)) Such that even in sleeping moments, it still damn plays in your mind, lol!

So, why randomly post about this totally unrelated thing to my blog? LOL! well, not really totally unrelated. So, I recently watched a subbed version of the DVD rip version of Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider Double and Decade: Movie Taisen 2010. And even though I've watched it for a quite a number of times already, aside from being a good movie, accompanying it is a really REALLY good song by Gackt titled "Stay The Ride Alive". And by some random chance... I seem to have been addicted to it, I mean, going to GH, inside the MRT (and yes, I am singing it ALOUD and I apparently don't care how people would react) and even now, while I'm blogging this, I'm listening to it! :))

So, what's your LSS? And before I go here's a little taste of Stay The Ride Alive by Gackt, it's just too great a song (even though I understand a bit of the lyrics only) :p

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