Monday, May 10, 2010

May Hauls: The Dark Knight and The Queen

Got these two over the weekend

Well, as usual, weekends were out-of-the-house days...

Last Saturday, the initial plan was to go to GH and so I did but was there for just a short while since I went to MoA to give moral support and be a spectator to a certain person on quest of rabu~ Anyway, my short trip to GH got me go around Shoppesville plus trying to look for that exclusive 6 inch movie series figure of War Machine by Hasbro for the Iron Man 2 movie toy line. But found nothing in the area and at the last stop, I saw the Batman above being sold at a really really cheap price. I inspected it first and it was still pretty good, so, I took it and later on see the War Machine but friggin' expensive though...

Anyway, I'm not shifting or adding new lines again. Some western characters just do get in my collection if I find them worth getting like the Prime and Darth Vader I have, that Batman was no exception since it was really well made and pretty much a static figure and the best of all, he was made by a japanese manufacturer which resulted in such a fine finish.

Moving on...

Aldra was got through a forum member's help from HLJ since she was on an effin sale of 1800 yen, loool! Really cheap and I really wanted an Aldra but the only thing hindering me was her "secret cleaver" but any way, the price was too good to pass up while it was still on stock, so, I got her and it arrived in just a week's time since it was shipped. ~woot~ Anyway, that's all for now... Elections should be happening around here in a few hours from now.

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