Sunday, November 14, 2010

Ragnarok Online Renewal Guide

So, yeah, Renewal isn't just about 3rd jobs

Basically, it's a complete game system change, hence the name "Renewal".

Now, it's more of a good game balancing of sorts and this guide will be for total newbies of the game and for long time returning players who don't research about stuff. But of course, I'll start with the newbie guide...

The Novice Training Grounds
Basically, when you start the game after creating a new character, you'll be starting at the Novice training grounds. Upon arriving, you'll see an NPC named Sprakki near you, talk to her and she'll ask you to go across the bridge and she'll be waiting inside the training quarters.

You'll then get a notice of a new quest, quests are an essential part of Ragnarok's story guide or at times just for items/exp, you'll be able to track some of the quests at renewal by pressing Alt+U, double click on the quest name to see your current goal. Now, do as she says and head to your right and enter the portal between the guards. You will find Sprakki again, talk to her and she'll reward you with some exp and give an option to start training or directly jump to the world of Ragnarok.

Now, for totally complete starters, choose to start training instead since this whole process will reward you with a number of beneficial items and exp. Once you sign up, you'll be transferred inside, and you'll see another npc named Brade, talk to him, read and do as he says, he'll give you novice gears which will be useful in your stay at the training grounds, he'll ask you to equip them and do so by opening your item window (Alt+E) and selecting the equip tab, double click the items to equip them.

Once you equip, talk to Brade again, and he'll reward you with exp and ask you to talk to Jinha to learn your active skill, First Aid, Jinha is just in the 1 o'clock direction of Brade, talk to her and learn the skill, then return to Brade.

After talking to Brade, he'll again reward you with some exp and ask you to go to Chocolat, from Brade's location, go to your left and enter the portal, talk to Chocolat there and she'll ask you to learn a thing or two from different people you'll get familiarized with when you're in the real game world already.

Now Chocalat will ask you to talk to the npcs above her and then report to her what you've learned, you can read them as they're useful guides if you're a total beginner in this game. Talk to Kafra first after Chocalat's first instruction, after talking to Kafra, talk with Chocolat again and she'll ask you to talk to Zanda this time, do the same until you're done with the Soldier and Chocolat will now warp you to the real Training Grounds.

Now this will be your first encounter with monsters, but wait, talk to Brade first as he's here once again.

Brade will then ask you to slay a Poring. Now look for the game's mascot, Poring, a pink cute critter which should be dead in one attack if you've equipped the novice knife.

After doing so, talk to Brade and he'll reward you again with exp, a novice cutter and some novice potions. Now, choose to stay at the Training grounds for a while. And level your base level to at least 12 and max your job level to 10 and then max your basic skills. Now in your leveling process, you'll see an NPC named trainer, if you talk to him and choose the 2nd option, you'll be transferred to a similar map with slightly stronger monsters which will help you level fast enough. Choosing the 1st option will warp you back to the map with the weaker monsters.

Now, there's still bonuses here, see the line of NPCs near Brade, talk to the Swordsman, Thief, Merchant and Mage NPCs, and you'll see a third option with the word "quest" in the option, select it and you'll receive a new quest.





Now, the tasks for these quests are quite easy and will reward you with good exp. Swordsman will ask you to kill 2 Picky monsters, Thief will ask you to kill 5 Willows and get a Tree Root, Merchant will ask you to earn 300 zennies and Mage will ask you to kill 5 Lunatics. Lunatic are found the weak monsters map while Picky and Willow can be found in the other. Remember that you can track your quest in the Quest Window (Alt+U) to see your progress.

For the Merchant quest, you'll see an NPC near the Trainer, which gives a buy/sell window, you can sell your loots until you get 300 zennies to clear the quest here.

After completing the quests, talk back to the respective NPCs and select the Quest option again and you'll be rewarded with exp and some items. Now, seriously reach base level 12 and if your choice is one of the 6 basic first jobs (Swordsman, Thief, Merchant, Acolyte, Mage, Archer) just talk to the respective NPC and pick the I want to be *insert job here* option and confirm it, you'll be directly warped to the guild of the chosen job.

Upon arriving, talk to the Guildsman and pick the job change option and you'll instantly be changed to your desired job. And this ends the Novice guide.

The Eden Group
Now part 2 for the newbie guide would be the addition of the Eden group on Renewal, basically the reason why I advise level 12 was to access the quest of this immediately. In many towns, you'll see a novice-like elf NPC named Eden teleport officer.

Talk to the npc and choose to move to the Eden group. Upon entering, move forward and talk to the Secretary, choose to join the group and you'll be prompted with a typing area, just type anything. You'll be asked to do this twice.

After the second type area, you'll be rewarded with the Eden badge. This is a 0 weight, non-sellable, non-transferable item btw.

Now if you're around at least level 12, talk to Boya and choose "what is your responsibility" option and agree to proceed with his training. This will now be marked in your quest log.

Now just do the quest and once you complete it, you'll be asked to report to Boya. Do so and talk to Boya and he'll say that your equipments are ready. Once done head to the blue gate near the bulletin boards and talk to it, you'll now have permission to enter it.

Once inside, head to the upper right portal, talk to the only NPC there and choose to take the suppliers and say that you have weight, make sure you are not carrying too many items.

Once you're done, you'll be rewarded with a good starters gear which has really good defense rates and effects as well. You can do this process two more times when you're at level 26-40 and 41+. Note that once you forgot to start the quest in the two earlier level caps (12-25 and 26-40), you won't be able to do it anymore. After doing the 2 later quests, you'll be given upgraded versions of the Eden set; these equipment sets are non-transferable and have 0 weight. An incomplete walkthrough of the Eden quest can be found in the iRO quests wiki.

One last note is that the bulletin boards have level caps assigned to them, while you're inside in the level cap, you can select it and choose quests to complete which will reward you with extra exp once you complete them.

Now that newbie guide is done, here's more interesting notes on renewal.

Renewal Leveling Guide
In renewal you cannot kill monsters with too much level difference than yours anymore or else you'll be rewarded with sucky exp. The best way of leveling in Renewal is either to kill MVPs or kill monsters whose levels are 10 levels higher than you, they will be the ones who'll give you a boosted exp of 140% upon successfully destroying one. Although, you can opt to kill monsters which has a level difference of 15 as the maximum. but 15 levels higher would only yield a 115% exp reward. Now how to find out the monsters' levels? Simply open your map (CTRL + `) and then press tab once opened and you'll see a monster name of in the field and a number below it.

Basically, the monster name is the monster which has the highest spawn count on the said map and the number is that monster's level. Or alternatively, you can just check monster levels here.
Exp Tables Adjustments
It's now quite easy to reach level 99 even in trans classes due to the major shift in Exp Tables. The challenging part now comes when you are already a 3rd job.

Stat Adjustments
Stats have changed now, such that certain stats like LUK have very big usefulness now as it features a number of pros. Moderate DEX right now would be around 80+ if you want to have less misses when attacking monsters. A full list of stat changes can be seen here.

Skill Changes
A number of skills have changed which in some way would provide more versatility to new rising builds for 3rd jobs. Swordsman in general are the most notable in the skill changes since they really allow more versatile builds now than pre-renewal ones. Two notable of such would be the Crusader's Spear Quicken, which is now usable for 1 hand spears and also provides additional Crit and Flee stats when the skill is active, and the Lord Knight's Spiral Pierce/Clashing Spiral which are now usable with 1 hand and 2 hand swords as well.

A list of Skill changes can be found here.

Level Caps and Max Stats
Note that the new 150 level cap are only allowed for 3rd jobs when you successfully change into them. Max level of Novices, 1st jobs, 2nd Jobs, Trans Jobs and Expanded Jobs (Ninja, Gunslinger, Super Novice, Taekwon Class) is still level 99.Also the maximum stat points for the said jobs are still 99, only 3rd jobs get the 120 max stat bonus.

Trans made 3rd Jobs versus 2nd job made 3rd Jobs
In order to be a 3rd Job, you either need to be a 99/50 Second Job or at least a 99/50 Trans class. So what are the odds of when these 2 different jobs collide in battle? Basically the one that came from a Second Job loses big time. Why? When you trans you'll lose the excess unneeded stat points from when you created one such as 16 unneeded points for AGI/LUK for Wizards when you created the character, aside from that Trans Classes have 25% higher HP/SP than normal 2nd jobs and have 52 additional stat points to benefit from. Last but not least, are the very good skills you get from Trans Jobs like an LK's Spiral Pierce, SinX's EDP and Soul Destroyer, Stalker's Preserve skill and many more.

Anyway, that ends my guide for Renewal, you can read more online if you need more info as I've covered only some noticeable highlights.


  1. So basically its still best to level to trans before going into third jobs huh...

    Another inquiry, did they remove the novice pots option? Because if the hadn't like in the old RO, you should commit suicide first in the novice grounds, then talk to the same guy who gave you your pots. He'd give you some more, which helps tremendously in regular leveling during the early stages of the game.

    Also, I also say you should do training in the novice grounds first. It helps a lot, and provides a character with decent starting zeny.

    How about expanded jobs? Wouldn't they be rendered useless when the 3rd jobs come rolling? I mean, with their extended MaxHPs, even the killing strike of ninjas wouldn't hurt them one bit (which I think is the most damaging individual skill of all the expanded classes).

    Renewal seems like a cool concept, I hope the private servers adopt the system too (since I'm too lazy/poor to play on an official server) haha.

  2. ^ the extra 100 noob pots when you die isn't existing anymore although you should receive around a total of 700 noob pots I think. As for Expanded jobs, well, they're planned to be updated with new jobs in Renewal Phase 2, which will be next year, they say Super Novice will be the first to receive updates then Ninjas and Gunslingers and lastly, Taekwon Class. Hoping for a trans and 3rd job for the Taekwon Classes :D And as of now, only Ninjas really smash 3rd jobs since KS has improved a lot dealing heavy damage as high as 21-35k from what I've seen :p

  3. Oh crap, no kidding? 21 to 35k? Damn, that's some wicked damage. Even in RO, Ninja's kick butt. I'm gonna go and make a ninja right now in my private server, haha, I feel inspired.

  4. What about the room to the East of Brade? I can't figure that out. What's its purpose?

  5. ^ nothing, forgot if there are even npcs there. If there are, it's just added tutorials but no added exp and/or items