Thursday, January 6, 2011

Bandai's Upcoming D-Arts Rockman X

Finally, the very reason I dropped the model kits

X as the first Rockman D-Arts, boo yeah!

So yeah, X will be the first to be released in the Rockman D-Arts. As far as I remember X will come with a rapid shot and a charged buster shot effect parts. Seems like his armor will be removable or probably the D-Arts will be an improvement of the old Rockman armor line. A remarkable thing which differentiates the D-Arts line from the Figuarts line is their varying sizes. While War Greymon stands the same as Figuarts, Omnimon stands 17cm, meanwhile X stands 12.5cm.

X is set for an April release as well for 3465 yen. Image from tamashii's site.

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