Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Eternal Song Episode 6: Everlasting Bonds Chapter 3 - Truce

Tie Shou: Looks like she's caught up with us...

Miku: Mato...

War Greymon: Go, Shou. I'll take care of her.

Tie Shou: Got it. Now, let's keep on going, miss Diva.

Miku: ... yes...

Mato: Miku...

Mato: Let go of Miku!

War Greymon: If that is what you want...
War Greymon: Then you'll have to beat me first!

Mato: haaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!


War Greymon: This girl... She really isn't human, how can she suddenly get this strong!?


Tie Shou: We have to hurry and get out of this place, it's pretty dangerous here.
Miku: Dangerous?
Tie Shou: That is because the lands here...

Tie Shou:!!! Tsk, it's already happening!

Miku: kyaaaaaaaaaa! Mato!!!! Help!!

Tie Shou: Darn, I wasn't prepared for this...

Tie Shou: Again!?

Tie Shou: Greymon!!

-back at Mato and Greymon's duel-


-The screams for help of Miku and Shou reached the two-

Mato: Miku!

War Greymon: Shou!

Mato: This fight...

Mato: is over!
War Greymon: You...

Mato: You want to save Shou, don't you? Then, why don't we help each other?

War Greymon: ...

War Greymon: Very well... A truce it is...

Mato: So, what are we going to do?

War Greymon: This place is quite known for moving grounds.
War Greymon: Sometimes, people fall into lower grounds but they get trapped there forever.
War Greymon: I can dig through the ground but with me alone, I suppose we won't make it in time.
War Greymon: Your cannon should help us dig through these lands faster.

Mato: Alright... Now, let's start.

-meanwhile, inside the inner lands-

Tie Shou: Where am I?

Miku: I'm glad your awake!
Miku: We fell from the shifting lands, remember?

Tie Shou: You... didn't abandon me?

Miku: Of course, I won't!

Tie Shou: You are too kind...
Tie Shou: Forgive us from taking you away from your friend.
Tie Shou: Even if I didn't want to, I need to follow the Master's orders.

Miku: Master?

Tie Shou: It's a long story...

Miku: We can't go anywhere now, can we?
Miku: We have a lot of time before Mato and Greymon find a way to save us.

Tie Shou: Why do you trust her so much? Even though, you've only just met?

Miku: I really can't tell why but it's just a feeling I have.

Tie Shou: I really can't understand some people...

Tie Shou: Anyway, I hope you won't sleep over my story.

Miku: Of course!

Tie Shou: Then it's settled...

-Shou's story-
"I have an older brother, you see. Our parents died long when we were young, so, we were forced to live on our own. Brother always took good care of me but one day, there was an explosion in our home... When I woke up, there was the Master holding me in her arms but as for brother... She said that it was only me that she found...

From then on, I got separated from my brother; I don't even know if he's still alive. But still, the Master raised me and taught me a lot of things and eventually when I looked up to her and decided to follow her wishes... You can call it a sense of gratitude but from that moment, I swore to obey all of the Master's orders...

Eventually, she gave a partner, War Greymon. I felt at ease with him, the moment he was introduced and he's always been there to protect me... That's why I can't disobey the Master, because she's given me so much..."

Tie Shou: Though, I hope brother was still alive... And that I can meet him soon...
Miku: Don't worry, I'm sure he is and that you will.

Miku: Ah, they're here!

Mato: Miku, Shou, are you two, ok?
Miku: See? I told you they'd come for us.

Mato: Looks like we did it.
War Greymon: Indeed, you have my thanks, miss Kuroi.

-moments later-

Tie Shou: Thank you... You've done an honorable thing...

Tie Shou: As token of gratitude, I'll return miss Diva here to you.

War Greymon: Shou!? Are you serious? The master will not like this...

Tie Shou: Don't worry, it's just for now. And besides, you'll be there to protect me, right?
War Greymon: As you wish...

Miku: Mato... I'm... home.

Mato: Welcome back, Miku...

Mato: Hey, you two... You guys aren't as bad as I thought you were...

Tie Shou: Same goes for you! But next time, we'll be sure to get miss Diva there.
Mato: And I'll be waiting then.

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Well, finally a new episode! The cracking ground actually took a long time to think on how I'll manage to do it but I finally got it earlier by using chairs. Anyway, the story this time is focused on Shou's background story. Well, what do you think? Is Shou's brother still alive? You'll find out soon enough. This'll be another double episode release as a treat for not posting one last month. Anyway, watch out for the next episode, it'll be more interesting!


  1. The last dialogue from Mato seem mis-colored...

    Anyway, a little comment though, I think its best to keep the dialogues short in photostories. I mean, I dig Shou's backstory, but I think it deserves a photostory all on its own...

    Other than that, great job! The plot thickens, and the characters are developing well, hehe

  2. Well, as much as I wanted to, there's just no one who I can use to represent the onii-san and kid shou, lol.

  3. Awww... I wonder who the onii-san is, and if he is even still alive...