Wednesday, March 23, 2011

D-Arts Beelzemon Official Previews

And official pics from Tamashii :D

I'm pretty sure all of us were taken by surprise here.

Anyway, these things did come out some time ago already but I forgot to blog it. Here are some Beelzemon official shots first featuring his two revolvers.

And lastly to my biggest crapped up surprise! D-Arts Beelzemon DOES INDEED HAVE THOSE BLAST MODE parts! (And now, I'm just at a loss, coz' the order deadline is due already from my local supplier) D:

Images from tamashii web's information page, though ridiculously enough, bandai removed the blast mode parts pic and still haven't updated their option parts inclusion, lol bandai, but still, who knows why they removed it 0_o


  1. How tall are the D-Arts Digimon figures compared to figures such as SIC? I'm suddenly interested in that one. :p

  2. smaller, they're just around Figuarts size but also dependent on the character, some ,like Omegamon, will stand near as huge as SICs while some, like Rockman X, will be smaller than your typical rider SHFs

  3. have you heard any updates on the blast mode parts?

    1. No news yet, sad that they had to remove it from being included with Beelzemon. Since Dukemon's just around the corner, it's probably only a matter of time I guess