Saturday, March 12, 2011

FREEing's Upcoming Nendoroid Airi

Woooot, Airi-sama~~~

And so, we got the latest from FREEing's QB Nendos :p

Just a short feedback here; like all the QB nendos, she, of course, lacks additional facial expressions coming with only a default expressionless face and an "angry" face, but hey, the seller here would be the character anyway, and if you do have a lot of nendos, facial expressions wouldn't be a problem, right? Anyway, Airi comes with her Scythe and her two wraiths.

Airi's set for a June release for 3500 yen. Still thinking if I should order her already or just grab her once she arrives but anyway, images and info are from GSC's page.

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