Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Good Smile Company's Upcoming Nendoroid Sherlock Shellingford

Woooo, Sharooooooooo~

A little redemption for those who missed the game ver. like me XD

This one's a regular release this time, and is different from the one bundled in the game aside from the faces, here's a breakdown of the differences from Mikatan's blog:
・ The ribbon on her hat is bigger.
・ Her fringe has a different look.
・ The size and thickness of the rings in her hair have changed.
・ Her shoulder width has been changed.
・ The frills on her clothes differ.
・ Her waist looks different.
・ Her boots have a different style.
Anyway, going to the feats of this release. She, of course, has her toys usage face; where there's some sparks in the middle of her eyes, and a pointing hand to come with it since her toys is psychokinesis. But what's really amazing is the addition of arms and hands for her most notable "Baritsu" from the bear episode which was episode 4 afaik. :))

Lastly, like her game ver, her hat can be removed and use her giant ribbons instead. There's also the sly face for her and included in the pack would be their cute pet cat, Kamaboko! :3

Most notable is that the game version's box name was her nickname, Sharo. The anime version release uses her full name instead. Anyway, Nendo Sharo is set for a July release for 3500 yen (tax inclusive). Images from GSC's page and most definitely a sure get for me!

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