Saturday, March 12, 2011

Phat! Company's Upcoming Pixtone Touhou Project: Series 1

Woot, 8-bit Touhou figs~

Really genius creation this is XD

Unlike the first figure release of the new line which is BRS and DM separately, the Touhou crew is actually a box set. And according to Amiami, it's a box of 9 and there will be 8 different pieces here namely: Reimu, Suika, the Yakumo group, Yuyuko and Youmu as well as one secret piece according to GSC's information page.

Marked as 500 yen each but since a whole factory sealed box is the one to be released, the box set will cost 4500 yen overall. Pretty nice to get but I'll probably pass on this unless I can get Reimu individually XD

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