Saturday, March 12, 2011

Quality Control Issues

Well, guess whose hands are these?

So, the first random entry for the month focuses on QC issues.

Well, the reveal the figure in the pic, it's the hands of figma Sakuya Izayoi, where I've encountered my most recent factory creation defect. Apparently, my Sakuya is lacking the right hand you use to clip up the throwing knives that come along with her... What happened instead was that I got a duplicate of the fist right hand instead of the one supposedly present. It could've been other hands, but unlucky me really had to lose one of Sakuya's trademark hands, well, I still have the left but that feels so incomplete and annoying. So, what did I do? As you can see above, the other fist looks like it has a little bit of space in between two of the fingers, well, I tried to make some spaces with the duplicated hand but I actually failed in the end.

Hey hey hey, why didn't I just return it to where I got it, right? The problem is... I got this freshly new from a friend some time back in 2010, but I never opened it immediately due to the fact that I don't open things unless I pay for them completely first, so, my friend just gave it me that time so he wouldn't have to carry it around and I, on the other hand, only managed to pay for Sakuya completely last month which explains the lateness of opening her up and failure of being able to somehow return it.

This wasn't really the very first QC issue I've encountered as there's also some problems before with my Nendoroid Ryoko, but I let that pass. Anyway, you can see what's wrong with the pic below.

So, did you notice it? If not, look clearly at the left arm, it's just another right hand, twisted backwards so it'd look like the left hand. Clearly, these things really are annoying, likewise, I have a friend who bought a wingless S.H. Figuarts Unkh just last month. These QC issues really give much pain to some unfortunate collectors, and what's more is that usually you see these problems when you already carefully play with it all and thus, some times, local shops won't even replace these things due to a lot of loopholes for the customer.

So, now... I'm left at whether I should get another Sakuya or just leave it as is. Well, there is at least the left hand but still, would it be worth the expense for just one hand or should I leave it be? In case I get another, problem is no one might buy my old one since it is a fact that it lacks a signature hand. -_-

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