Monday, March 14, 2011

Review: [Good Smile Company] Nendoroid Petit Sherlock Shellingford -Anime version-

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Good Smile Company
Origin Series: Tantei Opera Milky Holmes
Scale: Non-Scale
Height: Approximately 6.5cm tall
Original Price: 6,090 Yen (DVD release)

Set Contents:

Nendo petit Sharo is actually like a lot of petit releases lately, which are bundles. In Sharo's case, she bundled with the first release of either the DVD or Blu-ray Disc of Milky Holmes anime volume 2 (containing episodes 2 and 3). So, it's pretty much an exclusive run but anyway, here's the limited edition box first.

Well, that's just an outer casing, back of it is filled with Sharos and a pic of the rest of the MH crew. Anyway, from the side you'll be able to pull out the real contents of the set, and as I've mentioned, this is the DVD version so, here they are:

Lols, surprised at the petit box? Well, I'll show that after this. I just really thought that it was the DVD and nendo only but to my surprise, when I opened the DVD case, dyaran~

A little pack is included inside containing weiss schwarz cards of Sharo; yes, cards! 4 of them, but... all 4 are the same and what's more ironic is that the DVD design, the Cards, the DVD Case art and even the set box... They're all friggin the same Sherlock art, talk about artwork overload. XD So, now, we head for the main event, the nendo petit figure!

As you can see, the box is pretty plain, just white with the Milky Holmes title in the middle, Nendo petit logo above it and gsc logo below. While it does look plain, it's kinda nice how it looks like a notebook or sorts because of the border in the front. Anyway, curious to find out the content? Lol, the figure is just at the very center, it just so happened that, it was packed this way:

Figure Details:

By default, Sharo's hairband has a hollow point in the middle, so, you'll have to insert the ribbon here to block it off. The nendoroid is based from her Tantei oufit. I've always liked how GSC manages to put as much details as they can even for such really small figures like the petits. Well, Sharo's rings in her doesn't have any details such as layers but there is one at the tip where it's supposed to be connected to the rest of her hair. Going back to the clothes, it's amazing really how they managed to put every detail well and even included the frills, really nice job for GSC here.


Of course, as you see above, there's the magnifying glass, it's really a must to be attached but hey, no one's stopping you from not using it, which is why I counted it as an accessory. The magnifying glass is pretty nice, though it's just transparent plastic in all means, it kinda gives off a wonder of whether it really magnifies vision or not at first look, another job well done for the material here.

Lastly, of course, the Tantei outfit won't be complete without Sharo's semi checkered detective's cap with a single ribbon on the left side. And you'll need to pull out the ribbon when you use this hat, but in overall sense, it does fit Sharo better XD


Sharo's articulation points are as follows: ball jointed neck, swivels in the rings in her hair, her shoulders and her waist. Those are the typical points of Nendo petits but here's some additional facts with my nendo puchi Sharo; for the hair rings, I've only managed to rotate the left ring, as the right won't budge and if I forced it too much, it might break to I didn't continue. Her hands looks like they can be rotated but despite the amount of force I've used, they won't rotate but at least the left hand kind of rotate a bit.

I won't be hitting on the petits' articulation points that seriously since they are indeed something like higher level trading figures. But still, despite the minimal points of articulation, she's still pretty fun to pose around, after all, puchi's do have their own charms; you just have to play with the neck and shoulder joints carefully and you'll be surprised that your puchi can actually pose a total of 3-5 poses despite how it was made to have a supposedly single pose. Fun shots below~

Final Thoughts:

Well, I really liked my very first Sharo figure but to suggest to others, well, I'd say, just get the upcoming regular size anime version, despite how cute this is. The price is just too high considering the it's just a dvd with 4 cards and a nendo, it's way more expensive than the BRS BD/DVD limited edition set, and that one was really jam packed with a lot of stuff and even contained 2 petits with quite a number of options to boot. But still, are you a Sharo-tard like me? Then, by all means and given you won't be regretting things, GO AHEAD AND GET ONE! 8D

Rating (Out of 10)
Details 9
Accessories 10
Price 6

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