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Review: [Hasbro] Transformers Revenge of the Fallen N.E.S.T. Global Alliance Recon Ironhide

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Hasbro
Origin Series: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
Scale: Non-Scale
Height: Approximately 18cm tall
Original Price: 20 USD

Figure Box:

And as for the box, well, TF toys often have the same packaging for the entire line. And as for Recon Ironhide, it's the typical red ROTF box landscape type voyager class box. And there's also the subline in the side of the box, the N.E.S.T. Alliance. There's a window which allows you to see the figure and the accessories that comes with him. Not much to say since you know me, it's the figure that counts.

Figure Details:

As usual, this'll be divided into, at least, 2 sections. And the first one, I'll be tackling would be Ironhide's vehicle mode.

Well, going to the vehicle mode, if you've watched the bay movies, then you'll know how it looks like. Ironhide's vehicle mode is a GMC Topkick pickup truck, and since the Recon version is a redeco of the original, it has some slight changes to the original. Well going to the cons first of this version's vehicle mode, unlike the previous molds, recon's windshields are now completely opaque as opposed to the transparent of earlier molds, well, aside from that one specific detail, I guess the only thing that turns me down would be some of the cheap paint, while the opaque windshield is nicely painted, the new added bumpers, the lights above the windshield and the clip on weapons do have that plastic-y feel. But yeah, overall, the matte black finish is nice and since this is supposed to be a for jungle type use, some white lines were are to add to that effect.

While this is a reused mold, one thing that's new on Recon is the head, Ironhide's head this time has a battle mask put on, which is really wicked as I'm not much of a fan of bay movie designs due to their mouths and noses. But heck, the new head is definitely a good touch. Though more paint whining from me, his hands and head seemed a little off since they're colors are obviously different, though it's not really much of an eyesore, just me being OC, since it still blends with the matte black pretty nicely. And even though I've been whining about more paint apps, there is one really good paint app, the machinery parts on robot mode's legs, they're completely in silver color and kinda makes one wonder why they can't even be completely consistent with using really nice paint apps. The robot mode is overall, very very nice and even though there are lines, it's not very noticeable overall.


I know I've said before that I won't be tackling accessories for TFs since they're part of when they're in vehicle mode, but yeah, we all know Ironhide's main weapons in the movie are his sidearm cannons. And this release offers more than just those two.

And they're clip-on weapons, there are quite a lot of clip-on points for Ironhide and you can actually interchange these or even clip it to the rifle's point where bayonets should be attached, but here, you can even opt to clip the other gun there and make it some weird overkill weapon, lol. XD

Alternatively, you can always remove the clips to make them stand alone weapons for Ironhide or any other applicable Transformer who can in fact wield them like Cybertronian Soundwave in my case. ^^

Again, more options for the guns would actually be for you to attach them on the side cannons as seen in the pictures below:

Last little point of discussion, is that you can even attach the guns back to the gattling sidearm's hole to create more ridiculous weapon combis. Now talk about a real weapon specialist for the Autobots. >:)

And lastly, you can invert the left arm cannon and attach it to the car's bumper to form a crossbow. You'll just have to see it later in the fun shots area though XD Oh yeah, his clip-on weapons are compatible with any other TF releases that have those clip-on points, so, it's pretty decent.


Now for his joints: a ball joint on the neck, hinge joints on his elbows and knees, a mixture of swivel and hinge joint on his shoulders and hips and lastly, swivels on his wrists. That's it? so how exactly does his articulation fair?

Well, his joints are good enough to make really decent poses BUT due to his mold's structure, Hasbro wasn't able to articulate his ankle making Ironhide's heaviest con; as he can't actually stand without bending his knees a bit and splitting his legs a little. Even if he does stand, his foot is slanted instead of being flat to the ground, which kinda looks off. But yeah, that's his major minus for me, though for a little comeback, his clip-on weapons really do take him up a level.

Final Thoughts:

While the battle mask was nice as well as the chunk load of accessories. I guess, he's really not that worth after unless you're actually aiming for a good movie Ironhide and you're really after them clip-on weapons, but still, for a movie Ironhide, this one's good as he is a solo release or you can opt to go for an alternate newer recolored Recon version that's packed with Bonecrusher. But yeah, for me, aside from his annoying jointless ankle, his pretty worth the deal for his price and not to mention, I got him way below the SRP of voyager classes here. XD

Rating (Out of 10)
Details 8.5
Accessories 10
Price 9

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