Sunday, April 10, 2011

After Event: Ozine Fest 2011

So yeah, here's a short read for everyone else.

Ozine fest ended today so, what happened during the event?

Well, basically, a figure display was held again, this time it's just from individual collectors who actually put on a huge effort for a magnificent and MUCH larger display. Of course, yours truly participated here again and lent some figmas and a nendo, then brought a surprise nendo and large fig on days 2 and 3. But anyway, the display was surely a first as this time, it's on a wide open space with a vast array of figures on display. Display ranged from large figs, to nendos, figmas, shfs, revos, shinkis, gundams and even GKs, really neat and it was a quite tiring to be on guard for 3 consecutive days but yeah, it was an enjoyable stress at the very least.

The display was lead by my good ol' friend "Billy" and the success of it despite the fact that I was scared of the open display was mostly self rewarding. I also managed to have some new friends in the process, so, the rewards were great all in all. In the end, it doesn't really take a group for something this big to succeed, just a same goal from different people make it succeed already, and yeah at the end of the day, it's soooooo much rewarding when people thank you for your hard work and actually appreciate what you've done. So yeah, in any case, my friend "Billy" or even any other real friends lead a display again, then I'd do my part again, participate and help out. :D

And as for the blog, well, since I was out for 3 days, no reviews this week since I didn't have any time to upload pics that will go along, and as of now, I'm already physically tired XD And do note, that the pics only reside here in my pc in the house I'm at during weekends. Haha, but as for exchange, I'll be posting about the display instead! :D

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