Saturday, April 16, 2011

April Hauls: Vocaloids and more Cures

Some hauls for today~

And I also just finished up cleaning figs I lent back at ozine XD

So today I finally have some real hauls, Miku no. 26 finally arrived :> and it's non other than the Tony Taka version :D Just amazing even though most people I know doesn't like her insane body twisting pose, she's really pretty :3 And expect a review by the coming week especially since it's a long vacation at that. :D

Next up are two new Cures for me, well, they're actually supposed to be the first but it just so happened Cure Black and White arrived earlier than them. So yeah, Tsubomi and Erika are here! 8D And I already checked them out, no QC issues! (YAY!)

Lastly would be my 4th Rin, her figma, kinda lucky with backlog figmas, I usually get them at cheap prices I got Rin at her srp 8D It's supposed to be a set with Len, and luckily, a good friend of mine, got Len, so we bought it as a group and yay, that takes care of my figma backlogs for now :3

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