Sunday, April 3, 2011

Digimon Xros Wars 2nd Arc

And this is part of the second part's official poster or sth XD

Anyway, just a quick entry with regards to the topic XD

Some Spoiler Alerts for those who's not up to date with the series.

Well, yeah, I'm a big fan of the Digimon animes and one of the anime that I've been following for a long time now is, of course, the latest series in the franchise, Digimon Xros Wars. It's actually pretty neat for being a tribute to all first 5 seasons and the idea of DigiXrossing is very welcomed too, it looks like DNA digivolution but also not at the same time. And throughout the first 29 episodes, we've seen basically a lot of Xrosses with the final being Shoutmon X5B and as we all know, the airing stopped after episode 30, where Tactimon got destroyed by Shoutmon gaining his own digivolution called Omega Shoutmon and thus being a somewhat prologue to what's about to come.

Basically, they decided to freeze it until today, April 3, where the timeslot actually changed as well making it somewhat like a Xros Wars season 2 subtitled "The Evil Death Generals and the 7 Kingdoms" where basically from what's left for us, Bagramon got all 108 Code Crowns and even if not shown, it's understandable that he has now reformatted the Digimon World under his rule and as where we are left, Omegamon only had the power to return just one person back and that is our ever trusty main character, Taiki. I actually loved the twists presented by the end of the 1st arc where a lot of insane surprises like Dark Knightmon being Bagramon's brother, and Yuu, who Nene was desperately looking for, is with the enemies.

This arc will focus more on the cooperation of the 3 humans who were given the Xros Loaders. So yay, Taiki and Kiriha teamwork most likely soon enough. And as an added bonus, we get more spoilers from the new OP for the anime, so, yeah, I'm pretty much hyped to what will happen next. And yeah, so, just blogging out some hyped out thoughts XD

Anyway, here I am to leave you with the new OP "New World" by twill and composed by, my greatest vocaloid composer idol, kz from livetune. It's a nice opening to replace the already great "Never Give Up" of Sonar Pocket from the first half ^^

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