Friday, April 15, 2011

Max Factory's Upcoming Figma Hachikuji Mayoi

And the Bakemono crew expansion starts~

Well, I've missed a lot of figure news from last week due to ozine, so, I'll be skipping them and watching over the new ones.

And we have Araragi's favorite loli, Mayoi! Mayoi comes with 2 extra faces, a real smiling one and a slightly upset face. As for her accessories, she comes with 2 yellow umbrellas, an open and closed one.

Also, as an addition, she has a shift body or in simpler terms, she has an extra body part which allows you to have the little ghost girl do a sitting position which is really nice.

Mayoi is scheduled for an August release for a tax inclusive price of 3200 yen. Hmmm Mayoi's not my favorite but darn, she is tempting o.o Images from GSC's info page.


  1. I'm definitely going to pick up this figure. Actually, I already have her preordered! I'm actually not a collector of figmas (she will be my first one!), but she is just too cute to pass up!

    I personally love the various faces that Max Factory has provided us, as well as the props, and I think I may actually have a fun time getting her into the perfect pose :)

  2. ^ oooh, great to hear, good luck on your first figma ^^ And I agree that Mayoi is too cute, I'm supposedly targeting and waiting for Nadeko only but XD Mayoi's great as well :3