Saturday, April 23, 2011

Review: [Hasbro] Transformers Generations Thundercracker

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Hasbro
Origin Series: Transformers: Generation 1
Scale: Non-Scale
Height: Approximately 14cm tall
Original Price: 13 USD

Figure Blister Card:

Same as all of the deluxe class packages, Thundercracker's blister package follows the Generations design, a little similar to the RotF's original wave of releases, it also uses the color red and what's nice this time is that it actually uses a concept art of the transformer, and these concept arts are ridiculously appealing to me for some reason XD And yeah, I have to say I like the Generations' design a lot better than Takara's United's design.

Figure Details:

Going again into two parts, I'll start with the alternate mode again. This release is a complete recolor of the Universe Starscream which is actually a pretty nice rend of their G1 look, and yeah additionally, this is the very first Thundercracker that uses the said mold that not released as an exclusive.

Anyway, his alt mode, like in old times, is an F15 Eagle and I have to say that the details are good and the overall look, along with the additional lines and the decepticon logo, are very very appealing to the eyes. Yeah, it's the same old mold that was used a number of times already (recolored or retooled) but it's still very nice. I especially liked the clear material (and color) used for the hood where the pilot sits.

Now going to the Robot mode, well, first compliments since he is my first seeker and the only figure rendition (aside from the Masterpiece release, of course) who uses the G1 look that actually appealed to me. Well, he's a very good translation of how he looked like back in the cartoon, he doesn't look ridiculously unproportioned, and he's not that bulky either.

Now what makes this Thundercracker really good and appealing, anyway? It's basically the colors that Hasbro used on him the matte blue finish is wonderful it really does stand out very nice and it's not too bright and not too dark either, and aside from that, the said shade of blue is consistent throughout the whole piece. If that was nice enough, then here's more; his supposed "machinery" parts, they're all colored in silver, yes, silver! Practically every amount of "machinery" and even TC's face is colored in a decent silver shade that actually makes it stand out in many ways.


Since he is an old mold (2006), his articulation of course isn't that great yet. And here's a breakdown of Thundercracker's joints:
-Swivel in the head (and it's pretty limited around probably less than 45 degrees turn allowed)
-Ball joints on the shoulders and the hips
-Hinge on the elbows and the toes
-A Hinge with a Swivel below for his knees

Thundercracker certainly is very limited and he also tends to fall down easily if you don't balance him that well but yeah, he can still pack up some poses and you can always choose to remove his blasters from the side and let him equip it instead (but that would be ridiculous yet still cool :p)

Final Thoughts:

Though he fails a bit in articulation, the details and especially his colors (which also helps bring out the best in his details) are his main selling point. Ultimately for me, he's the best one released using the universe Starscream mold and you have to remember, Thundercracker was pretty hard to get before and this, a regular release, just pretty much blows them away.

So, in the end, was he worth the money? Yes, he is VERY VERY much, and I'd recommend this to any G1 fan and for those who got older TCs already, definitely, this one ain't a bad choice either; as for those who never had any seekers of the said mold (like me before I got this) then, at least, get this Thundercracker.

Rating (Out of 10)
Details 10
Price 10

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