Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Review: [Max Factory] Figma #55 Reimu Hakurei

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Max Factory
Origin Series: Touhou Project
Scale: Non-Scale
Height: Approximately 14cm tall
Original Price: 2,800 Yen

Figure Box:

Reimu's box is of the wider boxes like the BRS figmas, Luka's, etc. And this time her design is of an image of the Hakurei Shrine I think XD Yeah, of course, the window is also wider but it's still pretty much your generic figma box with the logo, name and number below. So yeah, it isn't really that amazing either and well, like I usually say, it's just a box XD

Figure Details:

Reimu's figma follows her likely her Imperishable Night appearance, wherein she has a bit short of hair and, of course, a ponytail (YAY for ponytails) Anyway, back to the details Reimu's big ribbon and exposed armpits are still in tact, her sleeve though is molded in full pvc, thus, it was made in a fixed flow though this actually is a pro for me since posing Reimu looks more dynamic thanks to these; her skirt is also made of solid hard pvc, and though I like the details on the skirt, well, it does give a con later on. She's pretty much good in actuality and before when I was still in an "I don't like figmas" saying, I really liked Reimu's figma already. Oh yeah, she does have something quite not as exposed to any of her Touhou appearances, her sexy stomach area :p


Well, Reimu does have a heavy number of accessories; her Gohei is there, a sake bottle, a broom, that plate where they pour sake in old times, a traditional tea cup, and two special hands (aside from the handset provided) which both holds amulets or should I say talismans XD And of course, your regular dose of free figma stands but yeah, she's good enough to be able to stand on her own though :D Well, though, she does have a lot, could've wished she had at least yin yang orb with her or even separate amulets. XD Lastly, she comes with two additional faces, a VERY VERY cute drunk one and a really good angry/serious expression.

A going on tradition with later figmas is that inside the box there's a cut out available for use with the di:stages and Reimu's cutout is a yin yang symbol.


The usual set of points since I think it's already a general frame for the figma line; her neck, shoulders, elbows, knees, ankles are powered by those figma type joints while her torso and hips are likely (since I don't plan on popping them out just to check) attached by ball joints; additionally, Reimu's ponytail is also powered by a ball joint ^^ Well no limit shots this time since Reimu is one of the backlog pending reviews from many months ago XD

Well, she is pretty fun to pose around and her faces also add to her fun factor but yeah her major con is, like mentioned in the detail, her skirt since it is quite longer than usual AND it's solid hard pvc, the upper half of her leg can't extend that well and, of course, she can't sit though if you do try she'll have a much better sitting pose (traditional way of sitting for them though) than others which is also thanks to her skirt, so, it's kind of a double-edged detail. XD But yeah, since Touhou is a danmaku game, well, she doesn't really need to sit and you can just pose her up flying with the figma stand. :D

Final Thoughts:

I already mentioned before that Reimu is one of the figmas that I really liked ever since before and yeah, despite the hard skirt (and eventually, every Touhou figma so far have that same structure) she's ridiculously good and it's pretty rare for figmas to have really good and CUTE faces like her drunk face (it's even better than the nendo's rendition IMO) and quite frankly, figma Reimu is IMO one of (if not) the best looking Reimus ever made to date. So, if you can spot her on for cheaps (like I did 3 months ago), then definitely grab her, Reimu's picking up quite high nowadays (8k yen on mandarake) so, that does show something side from the fact that's she's Reimu. XD

Rating (Out of 10)
Details 10
Price 9

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