Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Summer is Here!

And look MH go at it!

Well, yeah, at least in our country XD

It's officially summer here now, well, at least, it's still cold sometimes during the night and most schools have gone on vacation mode already, but yeah, enough of that. So, what's up with this post?

Well, just some random post concerning the blog and future stuff that you might want to read XD Last month, I've managed to rack up 40 posts, which is pretty high for me actually. Well, so, just how was last month? I've managed to review quite a number of figures and yeah, while I'm still on fire, with it, I'd keep these fast reviews up, as I'll be posting at minimum of 2 every week and as for my new hauls, I'm nearly done with my backlogs, so, you can expect reviews of my new hauls for around after a day to a max of a month and a half XD

As for the other stuff, I'll try to make some layout changes, well, not really the design but the gadgets and stuff, such as removing the c-box since it's full of spammers anyway, disabling the comment control, and probably removing the pending reviews section and revamping the reviews section to a more friendly version. I'll also be changing the blog header soon. ^^

As for the posts, it's still the same I guess, random game guides, random posts, figure releases and so on. But what happened to the teasers? Well, actually, they're not dead, I just keep on forgetting on posting them as I'd usually be out on weekends where I work on them cropping images and sorts since all my images are on my weekend house pc.

So yeah, there, I'll also try to bring up some surprises and also post new episodes for the photostory once I'm completely done with all my shoot backlogs :D

Well, that's it and I'll be going to bed in a few minutes XD Comments and whatnot are of course appreciated here. ^^

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  1. Hey don't forget about me! I'm not dead yet, haha, I just posted a new comic yesterday, hehe. And with the upcoming summer vacation, hopefully I'd have a more consistent and regular release schedule