Sunday, May 15, 2011

LOLWUT Video Game Bosses

So yeah, I rarely stray from reviews, hauls and reviews these days but...

Here's a little random post that might give you a similar LOLWUT reaction I had.

So bascially, it's all about the main pic (got from its wiki entry), it's a game called Revenge of Shinobi which was for the Sega Megadrive many years ago. And yeah, so what about this game particularly caught my attention?

It's a literal copyright infringement game on its first versions, as the 3rd to last stage (I think) had a boss who is literally SPIDERMAN! YES, the web slinging hero we all love (or hate :p), by any views he's totally Spiderman, crawling on the ceiling, throwing out webs, zipping down from a ceiling lol wut!? And what's even more ridiculous was after beating Spiderman, he literally mutates into the god damn BATMAN! YES, THE DARK KNIGHT himself with a little mutation that literally makes him have REAL bat wings. Don't believe me? Well, here's a little something to show it :))

And yeah, aside from those... there are even more copyrighted bosses in this messed up game, like Devilman, Terminator (as mentioned by wiki) and finally, the 2nd to last boss is actually the king of monsters, Godzilla and below is another video for your viewing pleasure.

Apparently, all the copyright stuff existed in the first version release and eventually they replaced the bosses with others due to copyright BUT SPIDEY REMAINED! LOOOOOL. For a ridiculous game, it did get successors that actually looked really neat like the game titled Shinobi for the PS2. But yeah, this post is thanks to my friend "Snacks" for linking this to me the other day. XD


  1. I really have no ideaMay 15, 2011 at 10:01 PM

    totally looks like godzilla but it isn't LOLOLOLOLOL albino godzillaaaaaa D:

  2. =)))) but he was removed later on since he is Godzilla in appearance XDD ahahaha, lol this game! XDDD