Sunday, May 15, 2011

May Hauls: Some More Transforming Lifeforms

And probably the last for this month XD

Unless, of course, something unexpected arrives :>

Anyway, more TFs, seeing that the third film (Dark of the Moon) had its toy launch since yesterday, basically TK dropped the core combiners even more, and I used my sister's advantage points so I actually got Darkstream for a cheapo value of 220 pesos. XD But yeah, I really just got him for his minicon (such is the fate of other core combiners). While Huffer was a good addition to my autobots and she was given to me by my sis XD.

A later visit to GH yesterday got me into seeing a slightly below SRP price of RotF Mindwipe, and yeah, so, I can finally complete that super osom fan mode, I took Mindwipe home with a little more haggling.

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