Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Review: [Good Smile Company] Sengoku Nadeko

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Good Smile Company
Origin Series: Bakemonogatari
Scale: 1/8
Height: Approximately 20cm tall (Full Legs)
Original Price: 9,800Yen

Figure Box:

Nadeko's box is visually appealing, the colors are very good, they're pretty much Nadeko's colors all in all but yeah, something about how the made the design kind of makes it great for me (probably being clean and simplistic but still have a great appeal) and to top that off, since you probably know (or not) that I hate big boxes, Nadeko's box is pretty average, it's not that ridiculously large and it's not that small either, it's just right.

Figure Details:

Nadeko in this model is wearing the clothes she was wearing back when she was first introduced, BUT less her pants and had her wear the sukumizu that she got from Kanbaru. It's pretty interesting that her outfit has a lot of folds which pretty much suggests that it's wet since her model WAS based from her DVD cover wherein almost her lower half is sunken in water.

There's a little outer fold near her chest which pretty much is worth mentioning because inside that small opening actually shows you a blue paint, which means the sukumizu, why is this such an attention seeker? Well, some companies wouldn't bother doing so, and just make it full-on pvc inside instead of actually making a hole with more details like this. Anyway, since this was based from the artwork, well, the sukumizu is unavoidable but yeah, pretty much like one of its many uses, it does help bring out more loli goodness out of my fave Bakemono chara. Her forelocks are also done very well and just the way I like it when it comes to Nadeko. One minor compalin though is that they could've brought more life to the leaves hanging on Nadeko's outfit, it just looks too dull compared to the ones in the base details (which you'll see later)

And based from the original artwork, she actually wears a jacket and cap (and obviously from the shots above, they are removeable) the jacket's shading levels were pretty neat and actually displays a good case of Nadeko having movement due to the curved right arm sleeve and the its "movement" on the back. As for her hat, it's pretty much just there to really fit on her head but yeah still for a minor piece, it still have decent folds, shading and such (I don't really have a focus shot on the hat but you'll see it later.)

Now, as some readers would know, I FREAKING LOVE creative bases, it just gives MUCH MUCH more life to any figure and GSC does it again here, her base is actually supposedly water but yeah, very very well played, see those wooden stuff? They actually don't look off since the base's outer layer is made of a somewhat clear plastic and the way they were molded, there are actually water ripples around where you peg in the wooden materials, pretty neat huh? And yeah from the complaint I had above, you'd see the big difference between the ones on her clothes and the ones in this base. A little more interesting bits is that on the longer wooden stick, you'd actually peg two knives there but you have an option to actually peg it all the way in or leave it in a not so deep pegging position where the knives would actually look like they haven't been stabbed into that strong.

One thing was worried here before is that the actual artwork legs (in deep water) would actually look amputated since the base looked really flat before BUT GSC made a miracle, if you focus on her left half-leg, you'd actually see another water ripple which makes it more believable that she is indeed in a little deep part of a watery body instead of looking completely like an amputated loli.

And last thing really neat about Nadeko's overall? Well, an additional really interesting detail they added was to put a silhouette of the Jagirinawa BENEATH the watery base, a really really magnificent touch for me, I was actually surprised when I first opened her and saw that curse snake there.

But wait! Don't want the amputated loli? GSC was actually kind enough not to let their customers feel ripped off with a half body loli, they included full sweet legs for others who prefer it that way. But yeah probably the biggest fear I have here, is that Nadeko is actually supported only by a single peg which would be on her left leg, though the peg looks sturdy enough, it's still a pretty dangerous move since once you break it by accident or sort, well, yeah, you know the bad outcome, so, extra care with her for a friendly advice.


Nadeko has a VERY beautiful AND charming face, with or without the hat, she'll just look great in any of them and I must say that with the said cute face, she's also very photogenic, the way her face was made actually doesn't have much face blocking which makes her unbiased in terms of facial direction, thus, allowing one to capture still pretty good shots from side angles.

So yeah, photogenic pluses and faces aside, Nadeko has actually a lot of possible ways to be displayed, basically there are 4 by simplicity, 2 half bodies and 2 full bodies with a bare Nadeko and one with the hat and jacket Nadeko each. And if ever you choose to remove the hat and jacket, you can play around with them and hang them on the wooden sticks for added "base" creativeness and they actually fit pretty well.

All in all you actually have a total of 8 possibilities on how to display Nadeko and if you ask me the half body with the hat and the jacket being the best and safe (since I really think the full leg mode is pretty risky since it has more weight shifting) Additionally, I also love the hatless but with jacket Nadeko and the reverse (with hat but with jacket) being the least likeable option for me while the bare one being just fine but yeah, I just think inserting at least the jacket makes her more complete in a sense since it does add uniqueness to Nadeko escaping from the vision of being plain.

Final Thoughts:

I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT! I actually think she already toppled over all the other lolis in my favorites in my collection (YES, INCLUDING MIKU!) She's just pure win (or maybe be it's just me a heavily seduced being by Nadeko :p) in many ways, I mean, a variety of display options, a really wonderfully sculpted figure (SUKUMIZU to top it off), she's pretty much worth her price and she doesn't have any reported flaws or whatnot (at least from what I know of or heard of) The price is pretty much worth it and so yeah, I highly recommend this figure especially for those who like the series and the GSC lineup for Bakemonogatari (which IMO all of them looks righteous on their own). Nadeko is just let's say a "godly" scaled figure for me XD And to tell the truth back when I ordered her, I haven't watched the series yet and actually thought she was too expensive but I'm VERY VERY glad I gave in and ordered anyway!

Rating (Out of 10)
Figure Details 9.5
Price 10

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