Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Review: [Hasbro] Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Skystalker

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Hasbro
Origin Series: Transformers: Nefarious
Scale: Non-Scale
Height: Approximately 10cm tall
Original Price: 8 USD

Figure Blister Card:

Following the style of the RotF franchise in it's default line, Skystalker gets the red design and with his side logo right beside the movie title which would be a Decepticon logo. Pretty much your average scout class packaging size, and unlike the Deluxe and bigger classes, Skystalker's image is his alt mode, could've wished they used his face instead, I just love that drone head.

Figure Details:

Now unlike other regular TFs, Skystalker actually has 3 modes though I really wouldn't count it as a triple changer. Anyway, I'll start with his special mode, it's actually his alt mode with his robot legs untransformed, kinda similar to Macross Valkyries' Gerwalk modes in many ways. The plane/gerwalk mode is pretty decent that in the process of his transformation, you'd actually use his weapons to actually complete it. The stealth plane similar to a Raven, details are really nice as usual and I actually love the nose of the plane since it's still Skystalker's head sticking out there, there's also some added details such as the number 808 and a stylized Decepticon logo similar to that of the Autobot Elite Guards in Transformers Animated.

So after that Gerwalk mode, go on ahead and fold his legs and attach it to the missing part of the plane to complete it.

So for the alt, mode, basically the same details as the gerwalk except this time he has booster packs and you can actually flip a wheel for a landing mode, so yeah, pretty neat.

Now on to the bot mode, Skystalker's really neat, he's got a drone-ish head and a really cool design overall, his machinery is plastic-y but the paint applied this time isn't those grey plastic which looks off, it's around white and brown accent and it's pretty neat for a change. Some might actually think the purple shades are weird but it compliments him pretty well if you ask me. Probably the biggest letdown on him would be his feet, they're spring loaded, so, when you actually lift him from ground, well... it bends on it's own.


I won't really be grading it like most TF reviews I have, but I really just need a section to tackle on his weapons. They're basically an axe/scythe-like weapons, two of them. It's powered by a c-joint and there are clip bars near his hands where you can clip it.

Alternatively the clip has pegs and you cab actually attach the other into it instead to create some weird kind of weapon.

As an alternate way of having Skystalker weild his weapons, there's a slot in his hands where you can insert the pegs in his clip, and actually have a swivel in it making it more flexible for better poses.


Now I'll try to break down it more this time, basically Skystalker's neck have two joints, there's a hinge on the lower and a ball joint on the top, which actually gives his head quite a decent range especially for having him look up or down definitely a neat neck articulation.

His arms are quite good as well though it has its quite some limits, you can rotate his arms by the shoulder freely in 360 degrees since if you do find the wing kibble getting in the way, you can adjust it since it's attached via ball joint; sideways, his can go a little higher than 90 degrees but not that much and lastly, his elbow is ball jointed as well but due to his design you can only bend it as much as a 90 degree bend.

He doesn't have any waist joint (which is also something rare in most cases). But anyway going to the legs, his hip-joint is a ball joint, though limited by his design it can actually raise up to a decent extent sideways it can go 90 degrees fold and there's actually swivel just below the hip joint port which allows additional flexes for some poses. His knees are actually swivel-powered and is really really flexible iirc it can rotate 360, and lastly, his ankles have a hinge and the only real bad point would be the spring on his feet since it doesn't allow him to pass the kick test due to its weak overall support if one foot ends up in mid air :p

Overall Skystalker's a very cool scout class, his articulation is very very decent allowing him to have a variety of good poses (including mid-air attacks) he's really just that flexible even without a waist joint and I'd say his articulation is superb.

The gerwalk mode also adds more fun to this since you have leg articulation to boot so yeah, pretty neat for an alt mode. XD

Final Thoughts:

So yeah, Scout classes are cheap and in here, wait for clearance and they're even more cheap than ever, I just actually got lucky to spot on Skystalker since he's pretty much rare these days considering I just really fully plunged in the world of TFs this year (though I did officially start last year) And yeah, aside from being a pretty cool scout class, this guy has a menacing combi with Mindwipe (not the official alt mode combi, a very solid and badass fan combi as bots) so yeah, if you're getting Mindwipe or planning to get one, definitely tag along Skystalker, he's worth it.

Rating (Out of 10)
Details 9.5
Price 10

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