Thursday, May 5, 2011

Review: [Max Factory] Hatsune Miku -Tony version-

Figure Information
Manufacturer: Max Factory
Origin Series: Vocaloid
Scale: 1/7
Height: Approximately 21.5cm tall
Original Price: 8,800Yen

Figure Box:

The box design of Tony Miku is definitely something pleasant for the eyes, it's pretty new and bubbly by all means, the colors are pretty friendly and does give a cheerful aura around it. And you get to see the official shot of Miku along with her name plate there. The box is pretty huge but still not as insanely big as the BRS crew from GSC. But yeah, pretty nice box all in all.

Figure Details:

Following the very very nice details from the 1//7 Miku (which I haven't reviewed yet), Tony Miku retains the said great details, following her body's flow, you can see the crisp folds on her clothes and it actually stretches to the whole clothe and it's quite easy to spot on the said folds; also notice that her skirt also follows this flow. Her ascot is also sculpted to be flowing in air giving it a case that Miku had just turned around to do that pose famed h-artist Tony Taka drew of Miku. The other details are great and still retains the shiny sleeves and stocking with the stockings still following the same color treatment from my favorite Miku and as for her sleeve it's more black this time but those computer like designs on her sleeves still retains their good ol' sight.

Lastly her hair isn't as lively colored as other Mikus but it's a plus actually following and staying true to Tony's art even with the edges being very translucent.

Her base this time takes away from them usual old boring and plain bases that most scaled Mikus has, it's shaped this time like in a keyboard fashion more of the organ pipe types I think (correct me if I'm wrong cause your blogger here, though fond of the virtual diva, is pretty poor in music-related knowledge D:< ) But one thing doesn't change... it's still monotonous in terms of color, transparent black... But yeah better designed than just plain black right or them ridiculously large wide black bases from certain manufacturer(s) XD

Lastly, Max provided Tony Miku owners with hair support pegs... But! they're pretty useless at some point since they don't really peg to anywhere in the head and you can almost see the longer stick to be quite bending because of the hair. So what's their use anyway? Well, they're pretty much there to make sure Miku can hold her own weight because her hair is particularly heavy and shifts her weight and if pegged incorrectly, like mine before, will cause good ol' Miku here to slide from the peg due to the weight and ridiculously fall down! >:o But fear not, mine fell from a bit higher than your regular dining table and the materials used proved ridiculously sturdy as her fall resulted only into one of her twintail detaching from the peg holes and nothing else happened aside from that, nothing broke or even got damaged, so, a big plus for that for this figure! But still it would've been better if the supports actually pegged to somewhere in her tails.


Probably she's a potential sale bin figure probably or since she's Miku, she bound to get jacked up sooner or later. But why did I say sale bin? Well, practically a lot of my friends got turned off from her pose and commented on it being a pain since her body is really twisted insanely but... since Tony is the artist who made this originally, let's just say I believe Tony knows about a anatomy and knows that this certain pose is possible.

Tony Miku does posses quite a cheerful aura around her with her pose but the somewhat dead hair colors lower this factor since they don't turn out well even with my two light setup and for me, most of her shots turned out quite dim. But yeah, the pose is pretty + the expression if you ask me just not the color and thus makes this fall below my favorite because of it.

Certainly Tony Miku has one of the more appealing faces from the varieties of scaled Mikus released to date and I'd say next to the original GSC release, she goes second to the top Mikus with loveable expressions and faces, you know she's Miku but at the same time, she captures this expression of when Tony makes his creations smile and cheerful. And despite her pose being really angle biased you can still capture fine shots where in you actually capture her face and these limited angles do not make her face distorted or weird for reasons unknown.

Now as a whole figure, she does really look good with her eyes facing you or just make to a point where you see her full face and she's pretty good; a little tilting of angles will also allow you to capture an unavoidable glimpse of heaven and her nice Tony-boosted assets. But as for other angles, it's purely subjective if she'd still look good if you can't see her face anymore.

Final Thoughts:

Tony Miku given a scale of 1/7 is pretty much a steal for her price and accidentally tested sturdiness(points at certain 1/8 figures that cost around 10k yen whose pegs and other details break easily). I mean yeah she was almost at par with my favorite if not just for her dull hair color. But yeah, pretty amazing scaled figure here and is definitely one Miku I, as almost obsessed Miku collector, wouldn't pass up (add up my Tony fan boy-ish side) this figure was definitely not a loss for me in anyway.

Rating (Out of 10)
Figure Details 9.5
Price 10


  1. are you aware that this is a chinese replica of the original figure ? the original one has the "boring" translucent base and is much better crafted. i hope you haven't paid the full price for it because you've benn most probably scammed then

  2. and the base is translucent here, what are you saying XD

  3. and did you even look at the shots? or maybe you're saying so because you find the colors on my shot odd, well, that's just white balance :p

  4. @anon: most of the transluscent bases that you see in the preview pics are not really used in the final rendition of the figs, those are used only for the pictorial purposes of the figurine.

  5. actually i'm really super confused right now. i guess i was wrong as i see this "piano base" in every review right now. it's just odd that in the official max factory homepage and in previews from figure con's she is standing on a completely translucent round base.

  6. ^ ah that's just for the prototype shots, most often than not, they use that glass circle and surprise us all with the base once it's released ^^

  7. makes sense - it looks a bit awkward with her left foot elevated on the round base. i dig the black one better. i got a little tricked by ebay i guess because every "imitation" had the black base and every original had the pre release pictures.

    started to sweat a little - i just ordered this one and wanted to shorten the time looking around at some pictures and got highly confused this way.

  8. ^ usually, for imitations, there are quite solid visible flaws around on the actual sculpt or dull/horrible paint apps all over like this one:

    As for the bases, they usually just imitate the ones from the original and make a more poor quality version of it